After finishing fourth form, I fell in love with a a newly married lady, she was about 25, a primary school teacher, I was 19 at the time, it seems the husband was not satisfying her in bed, we used to meet in a sugarcane plantation and bang each other crazily, one evening at 8:20PM, she gave me a call, I sneaked in her compound then alerted her via text, the lady was making a mould for chapatis, she came in a maize plantation, her hands were smeared with the unga mould, she was pantyless, we had a quickie for about 8 minutes, after finishing, she laughed and told me, “aki uko lucky sana, do you know its my husband who removed the underwear for you? I could not do it myself coz I did not want to soil it with unga” the idiotic hubby thought the wife was going to the toilet


hehehe hi dunia ina mambo

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Cool story.

blessed week ahead

The first time I heard this tale, Kenya had 47 districts


he he…and there were mobile phones?

sugarcane and maize plantations…:confused:


and before it being translated for all 44 tribes of kenya


Jua somewhere kama umeoa kuna gathe anabinja wife wako mpaka anafikisha abdalla g spot, karma is a bitch

Adaptation, perhaps?

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The first time I heard this tale, Kenya had 47 districts-@Kasighau

Leo umekamatwa,kuja ujibu mashtaka.

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alishatombewa bibi kitambo na akatoroka, ongea na @ice_pubes akuwekee rink.


Ata hiyo ya kukuliwa bibi i still insist ni fake

The green lodge.

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cool story bro

how are your hekayas told so vivdly like they are so fresh in yr mind @Saintonthebeathoe ? you amaze me:eek::eek:

Bibi ya wenyewe issa no go zone, but I got to admit, sigwes kataa temptation from a yello yello momo

i can do alotta things but convincing a nigga issa No No No

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Trying to pass another writer’s work as your own is the worst mistake ever.


I know. I also know when my bullshit detector is going off the charts. I trust it with my life.

i think ktalk has been invaded by primitive and useless guys hekaya kaa hizi are way beyond the average ktalker admins pliz stop any more new handles hawa mafala wanachosha.we used to have very brilliant minds here sai vifaranga kibao.