MV Silver Sprit docks at Mombasa Port with 476 passengers and 370 crew

Tourism in 2017 has been good despite the elections calendar and opposition instigated rerun violence. A cruise ship every 2 weeks even before the Cruise Terminal is completed. Thanks to CS Balala, KTB and stakeholders.

Arriving now at MombasaPort with over 476 tourists and 370 crew @tunajibu @MagicalKenya @TRA_ke #HappyHolidays
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i wish I could have free 6 months to tour on that thing. amazing

Mimi na open waters hatuambatani.
But ive worked on a drill ship severally

beach boys be like

Jungu zilete pesa kitunguu iendelee kunuka.

Wewe unaogopa hadi maji ya kunywa

how i would like to board this thing and tour the world

Karibu to @MagicalKenya #TembeaKenyaNaMimi MV Silver Spirit #cruiseship #cruisetourism #mombasaport carrying 472 passengers & 365 crew members
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Damn crew to tourist ratio ni almost 1:1, that’s luxury.
@spear cruise ship terminal ina come aje?

Impressive and inspiring. I wish the voters there had had the courage to elect a functioning governor. A clean Mombasa would be a world class attraction.

You took words off my mouth

The crew is also cruising on holiday.

Its ongoing though the project was delayed the last few months due to lack of funds as the nation was experiencing elections jitters. Remember KRA collections deeped by Kshs 40 billion forcing GoK to reschedule payments schedule away from projects to essential areas only.
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Its now back on and due for completion next year 2018. Its not a complete new build but a conversion of an old depleted general cargo warehouses to a modern cruise terminal. It was stripped bare to its columns, repaired, reinforced and rebuilt to a beautiful modern terminal at a modest cost of $1.5 million.

Na ukiwa huko hawakukuambia the word “severally” does not mean “several times”?

Hao ni watu wameuza bitcoins, family inheritance and other get rich quick schemes.Watu wakustruggle kuingia middle class wacha ibaki ndoto.