MV Boinnet

Are you real @JBoinnet? You’ve named this new police boat after yourself?
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abuse of office.

He should have given it a name promotes nationalism, sasa SGR train ingeitwa Uhururoto ingekuwa mambo gani!!! This should be reversed to a better name…Social ties/concession is developed through simple acts.

I doubt he had anything to do with the naming, I think maybe someone wanted to do some ass kissing


if you dont love yourself, who will…

Correct. This is a bootlickers work.

Boinett hakai kufuatana na upuss kama hii.

Ukinunua baiskeli kwa mudguard hauwezi andika jina?

Boinett jina kubwa.

Hata kibaki aliweka hio sura yake kwa coins…

Inaitwa kuacha jina :D:D:D

Sawa soja