Muturi amea pembe


Is Mama Ngina a public Servant ?

mara ngapi nitasema huyu mtu anaitwa Ngina? why does she have to be qualified as “mama”.

I fail to see how he will profit from it, he has spent his time in the house azz licking. He will soon be forgotten like marende

He is going for the presidency

Ebu fika Pumwani one of these days. Ulizia mahali labour ward iko, jifikishe, na utulie hapo for just an hour. Then come ask those questions

Pumwani kuna haja ya kuuliza mahali labour ward iko? Nduru pekee zitakuelekeza, nduru huwa zinaskika hata ukiwa barabarani karibu na gate!

I may be wrong but I think Mama Ngina gets a salary from the state. That would make her a public and therefore she could be breaking the law for keeping money in offshore accounts as shown in the Pandora Papers.

Hiyo yake ni mnyambo ya @Punda