Looks yummy. Good mutura is hard to find

Yani chinks wameanzaa kuiza hii?? They are taking ova even roadside bizna.

Hapo ni wapi?


Hapo ni Thailand. Mutura is very popular in Asia.

Hehe… sawa

There is only one place I eat mutura in Kenya. That place is in Gatitu shopping centre in Nyeri county.

Seems all mutura joints have to be smoky. Utamu ya mutura ni moshi.


Hio sii moshi… ni Aroma

Three or 4 years ago i used to eat very nice mutura kwa hii hoteli governor waititu amenunua university way…try it you will love it

I almost met Jesus at the pearly gates some years ago after consuming mutura made with meats of dubious provenance. Acute food poisoning. That week I subsisted on fruits, bread and milk.

Mutura, samosa na street food haiweskani.

Can’t eat meat in Asia.

Happened to me too. I was damn ill, like 3 days on the cross

And scotland

Can also see hata huko germany they really love their mutura which they take with waru aka potatoes.


There are some foods which I do not take simply because the risk of food poisoning increases exponentially. Mutura is one of them.

I wouldn’t eat Mutura being prepared by a Mchingu.