Mutunga Miguna 2022


Recipe for disaster


Two lawyers for office. Wueh.

Is this even real ?

Are they vying for lsk election s?..:D:D:D:D:D

They have my vote. Ruto or Tinga ni meffi wote. We need fresh faces

is this legit au ni mharo?

Hapo sawa

Wanaweza chaguliwa,tumechoka na the same politicians day in day out

nilikuja kugundua just like Miguna , Mutunga is an attention whore

Miguna is not a team player. This partnership would be dead on arrival.

We vote for Kivutha.

Miguna seems unhinged to me. I love the guy lakini…

They must be pretending to run. The colours of that poster aren’t even pleasant. The yellow looks like some famine relief maize flour that used to come from somewhere foreign in the 80s.

Mutunga - Yes,
Miguna - useless, i doubt he can deputize anybody apart from the creator himself…

and worse, he cannot be deputized, remember him changing running mates during the last elections like underwears…

he is not a team player…

I have my reservations about Mutunga.

Mbona alikataa kutoa ile earing when he was being considered for the CJ post?

Hiyo earing iko na nini?

To me, that is some sort of idol worship.

Your loyalty should only be to God almighty.


Na ati wewe ni elder!!!

Ni maoni yake…lakini mimi pia joh!
Wacha tuone…washikane na kongamano na aukot…na ninaweza jitokeza kupiga kura.

Wee buda!

Learn to name your words properly.

The name not exmutunga anymore.