Mutua barred me from working says Lillian Nganga

Septic tank solutions for stubborn problems

Juliani is asking for problems

Hehe, prophet of doom. Shindwe

I read that story in the Saturday Nation and it has too many gaps.
Ati she does project management work which has helped her build that multimillion A&L hotel. Smh.
She bolted because Mutua sensed the Kunguru in her and refused to legally marry her. Alijua huyu atamuosha. I wonder mbona hawakupata watoi.
My summary:
She is a dumb as a rock.
At 36 you are no longer young. In fact makanga na polisi hukuita mzee au mathee. She should have stayed because it was not an abusive marriage. She will live to regret this. (Remember kale kamzae ka Ruaka kanasemanga kangekua mtoto wa Mbiyu Koinange lakini mama yake alikataa kuolewa na yeye akaenda kuolewa
Murarandia? That’s how her kids will blame her)
Sadness of wife.

I still suspect they are doing this for political millage… She wants to run for women rep NAIROBI.

Wacha tu nisicheke.

As per Kenyan laws 6 months cohabitation is marriage.

Its not a criminal offense to be over 30 I don’t know why there’s so much ageism in these chauvinistic forums . There are many young people whose lives are in shambles. Youth isn’t a magic wand to a life in Lilliput. If anything in African society as a woman you get more respect the older you become. I myself have gotten away with murder thx 2my umri wa Makamu and men stop treating you like a sexual object. How is that a bad thing? How many young and beautiful women are in Kibera bogged down by poverty? I myself just love the madhe card, it’s gotten me out of so many fixes including over 20 times being caught by traffic cops on the wrong. Of course when I was a girl I was using the girl card but it’s easier the older you get. Age has alot of perks. ALOT. Including getting men to push your shopping cart to your car. Even getting to park in disabled parking spots, so hio umadhe na unyanye comes with a ton of benefits. Trust me. I love it.

So if she was kurungu why did he not leave her earlier? Was the first Wife and his 3 children also kurungus or why isn’t he with them.

She said that the man was controlling and beating her aka physical and financial abuse.

I know you are a man and you can only think like one. But let me explain to you something education doesn’t seem to have taught you. The whole point of having money is to live a life of dignity. If you don’t understand that fact hata a rock is not as dumb as you. If you are living like a dog in Karen there’s no difference between you and the woman in Kibera. Your kids will be psychologically traumatized as will you.

Men are tyrants and when they are powerful they can be unbelievably cruel. Ever heard of the Mendez Brothers who killed their parents? Abuse of whichever kind is not a joking matter. And that idiot who talks shit about his mom should have a sit down with those kids of the Koinanges and ask them why they are on drugs before disrespecting his mother. If he needs the money so much there’s rich gey men looking for wives let him go whore himself and leave his mother and her decisions alone, she might as well have decided to abort to avoid rearing such an ungrateful brat. Probably regrets having him more than anything.