Muthoni wa Lamu

Huyu ni descendant wa tractors Kenyatta senior dumped there after forcefully grabbing their ancestral land in Kikuyu land.

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The government has all that info asidhani hawajui.

What is your point, you dumb fuck?

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there’s a politician who was mentioned explicitly for sponsoring this. Every time he wins, “Al Sabaab” has to do those things.

wewe ni mjinga tu. Hivo tu yani nothing more nothing less

Blocking the anus will not cure the diarrhoea. This selfish family is the genesis of that endless suffering which may NOT end even in the next 4,000 years.

that selfish family worked their assses off to lead the nation and you are just seated in your bedshitter spilling spite and disdain.

can you even lead a group of five men. wanaweza kukusikiza kweli?


Let’s sit back and enjoy the game.

Kenyatta family serfs wamecatch feelings :joy::joy:

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So juu ya kukalia public office mtu anafaa achote half of kenya?

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The best way to put this issue to rest is to regularize all title deeds in lamu. Most of those ranches are owned by outsiders. To get over the delusion of ranch owners, the people living their should be given inalineable title deeds to their land. 90% of the lands would go to bajuni, while the peasant farmers will get 5% or less. That would put the issue to rest firmly, ending all delusions that there will be any more land to give. Shida ni the outsider bwenyenyes feels they can take over all the land if there are no titles.

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Everywhere there’s a vacuum, evil always creeps in to occupy it

The problem is locals always feel that they should get everything. That’s where animosity begins. But like I have always said, there’s a certain politician who when elected, chaos seems to prevail in Lamu. The government knows this and has even charged him but seem reluctant to engage robust ways of dealing with such criminals…

Hii ndio shida ya lamu. Shida ya 2012.

Governor Timmamy said incidences of land invasions on ranches are partly to blame for the land problems affecting Lamu.

If I were a Kikuyu in Lamu, I would just sell my land and move out to settle in Laikipia, Nakuru or some other civilised place.