Mutahi Ngunyi vs Miguna Miguna

Who is the bigger clown?


In the art of buffoonery nobody beats Miguna.


How many copies of that book did he sell?

Bet just this one

I would never in my life spend one cent of mine on this buffoon.

if u confronted him today with this book, especially that page, unaweza ona vile anaweza ruka kama amekondoa macho!!

Vile aliruka ntv


Never say never…

:D:D:D nakwambia hata mtu harukangi ball vile huyo msee aliruka hiyo siku.

Miguna Miguna has always been the one for big talk :D:D

Hehe…ukiskia hiyo jinga miguna ikiongea you’d think ye ni yule mse, the untouchable, baba-yao, the know-it-all. Alaf asubuhi jinga inavunjiwa milango ikitaftwa, with no compensation of course. Arrogance is his undoing.

it should be Miguna Vs Kuria

Kuria does not pride himself as an elitist

Kuria ni meffi. Pia Miguna. They’re the meffi on each side.

Pdf mono baller

That’s the exact meaning of the word “politician”. Hivo umedescribe.

And the fact that you’re all discussing him in whatever light means he has won. Na kesho akigeuza rangi kidogo mtampenda tena zaidi kabisa.

In 2007 if you had told any kiuk for instance that kuna siku very soon atapigia Ruto kura ungechapwa ubare haikai.

I read the book, pdf version of course, I wouldn’t spend my money on shit, am i the only one who remembers he accused shebesh of having an affair with jakuon

She has been accused as easy lay