Mutahi Ngunyi records police statement regarding house fire. Was it arson?
Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has recorded a statement with the police over the inferno that occurred at his Runda home on Wednesday.

Nairobi regional commander Augustine Nthumbi said Ngunyi went to the nearest police station to record the statement.

"Police are investigating the cause of an inferno to know who started the fire, why and how it happened. It’s the investigations that will help," he told the Star.

Nthumbi said there were three people in the house.

“Mutahi, his wife and their housekeeper were in the house when the fire broke out but they all escaped unhurt,” he said.

Mutahi’s home was set ablaze by unknown persons in Runda.

The huge house went up in flames as black smoke billowed from the residence at around 1.45 am.

Sounds of furniture burning could be heard as some people tried to put off the fire.

Firefighters from Kiambu and Nairobi counties managed to put out the fire at around 4 am.

99.9999999% chance his house was insured against fire. Hizi michezo za insurance zinajulikana.

Is Runda in Kiambu or Nairobi? If in Nairobi, why are Kiambu resources being used in Nairobi

So umefunza mbwa ya kwako ikiona wezi kwa neighbour isibweke?

Runda is in nairobi. That said jirani akiwa na shida unamsaidia. I wonder why the Runda Association doesnt have fire fighting equipment in place ata kama ni za G4S.


Ata hizo michezo zikiwa zinajulikan, bado hio insurance company itatoboka hio chapaa mnono
unless the police come up with proof the Ngunyi did it.

fafanua tafadhali “michezo za insuarance”

Mutahi ngunyi should be wary of a double whos well known among wash wash circle.
At the grapvine he is also involved in kidnaping sindicate

Maliza hiyo gasia!!!