Mutahi Ngunyi is lost

Mutahi Ngunyi knows tribal maths. He analyses politics by way of tribal numbers. Now that dynasty vs hustler have changed the conversation Mutahi Ngunyi is in unchartered territory. So he is directly attacking William Ruto because it is Ruto leading the Hustler conversation which has blocked the tribal arithmetic he is good at.


When you reach a certain age words like Sh*t shouldnt be part of your vocabulary unless your are struggling to be relevant.

Huwa sitambui yeye. Mutahi Ngunyi na Watu wa Cytonn na Aim Global huwa nimewaeka kikapu moja.

Ata ivo kuna siku nilipost kuhusu Babake Ruto. Niko sure @Masood ataguzia io hapa siku moja,


Ruto should be jailed

what are you waiting for? DCI Kinoti anaogopa yeye ama? DPP Hajj anaogopa yeye? Mbona mmekawia? Mtaongea mpaka lini? Tunataka usemi wenu uambatane na vitendo

He is a noisy fella but he makes sense…you will be shocked when people go to that ballot box…tribal arithmetics rule. I believe you can never buy a Kikuyu but you can hire one. That Wahome lady and Nyoro will betray Ruto faster than Peter denied Jesus. Muranga s just part of Kikuyu land and they will realize they are on the wrong side. Add Luos’split Luhya, split Coast, split Ukambani and Ruti loses the popular vote that is if he will be still be living in Kenya.

Sani my friend do not believe this hustler nation crap…Ruto is no hustle; he is responsible for the economic crash that has ailed us since 1992, him, Jirongo, and Y2K, that’s when we printed money and destroyed our economy. If Ruto would win in 2022 he will be there to steal even our bone marrow and there is no way he will mess with existing money; he can’t touch the Moi’s, Kenyatta’s, Raila’s e.t.c, he would be risking his life and he knows that so he will plunder to establish his own dynasty.

just wait you will see. No jokes this time

Jamaa amekuwa the golden goose! Akishikwa ama aanguke na helicopter, best you believe me the narrative will change to aliuliwa na kabila fulani. Na hivyo ndio panga container mzima italand rift valley.

Tuombee huyu jamaa sana asikufe.

Let’s start with you. How relevant are you?

If you were only half as clever as you imagine to be, you would know that jailing him right now is giving him political capital, which they are hellbent on avoiding! Lakini wait till the dust settles and he’ll be in prison fatigues! Bookmark this post!

Mutahi amelemewa sana this time round

Mutahi is ok. Bonobos ndio hawataki kuskia ukweli. Do you, in your very sober mind, think that Ruto really cares about mwananchi? C’mon, be real to yourself!

And who is this leader in your perception who cares so much about mwananchi?

Mutahi Ngunyi is not good at anything. The tyranny of numbers nonsense was used to rig elections

I’m very irrelevant… I’m here to pass time

Except when you are on your way down.

His mention in the NYS scandal did irreparable damage to his reputation.

Wewe nilikuambua focus on your life kwanza wachana na billionaires. Christmas ndio hii imefika, utaanza tena kulia ati hauna kshs. 20,000 kama last year? Sijui the economy is tough. Sijui Uhuru has destroyed…

Na ujue your best friend @Finest wine ni housewife yeye huletewa pounds kwa nyumba. Anakupigisha makelele hapa while her truck driver husband is busy transporting bananas around London.

Geenger! You deserve it. Just listen to yourself, then fit Jayden in his rightful place in the economic plunder this nation faces. Blind hate, nothing else i see here.