Mutahi Kagwe, The Loud Gigolo

Yes, he fucked right and he is being used right! He???“married” in the Kenyatta family! He took it to far! Performance is never all about routines…

Leave bwana 40b alone… The system will fry him. Alisifiwa akajiona sir Henry kumbe ni kitenge. Shenzi sana(insert atwolis voice)

Can someone offer solid proof that Mutahi is being misused instead of all the hullabaloo we see here? Tired of fcking tribalism in Kenya and that is why we seem cursed. How come every time its mtu wetu being persecuted?

Mutahi Kagwe is married to a daughter of John Michuki. Not Kenyatta family. Get your facts right. Plus he is a self made man. He has a large telecommunications firm that he runs alongside politics. Michuki proposed Uhuru Kenyatta as the kingpin of the Gema while Kibaki was president. Uhuru is simply paying back. Stop displaying your ignorance in public.

It all means the same(Kenyatta, Michuki, Koinange, Museveni…), marrying from a known family and using the clout to assume more significance! Any man who seeks to marry from wealthier families for ulterior motives is a gigolo!

Then go marry from your fellow chokoras if that’s what gratifies you. Stop associating with wealthy people or dating their daughters since you don’t want to be labelled a gigolo.

And on that note, they threw out Prince Harry and Meghan! Never marry into a family hoping that you will be one of them. This is a situation when the mourner must cry louder than the bereaved! Have you watched him lately?

Is Meghan a female version of a gigolo?

The “gigolo” gene is essentially feminine. But we apply it on men coz they(men) are historically known to be givers and not receivers in terms of money, property, security etc. When I saw Blacks celebrating and trooping onto Buckingham Palace, I was dumbfounded! Yes, who celebrates his freedom while within a slave-masters compound?