Mustafa Hussein

Has that pedophile been arrested? Are there organisations in kenya that can take that child to a safer custody away from such a lunatic ?

I hope so. What a vile creature! Should be locked up for life!

Alifanya nini ??come with a full story V.

Vile chiefkunyi amesema

kuna watu wanakuanga nyuma kwa maisha, I would not be surprised kupata you are watching Inauguration ceremony, ama ndio unaskia story za Quails


he took down the initial pic showing the private parts of the kid describing how sweet that kiddie’s pussy would be when she grows up … Lemmie try to get it najua iko tu hizo streets

hio ghasia inafaa kuwa kamiti kwa cell ya the biggest inmate getting a pounding.
own child??? sick mofo

That post made my blood boil.

that is one sick psycho

Must have missed it.

how does ones mind develop such evil thoughts?

Women in leadership must be failing us if that idiot is still roaming freely up to now

Hata hapa ktalk kuna psychos na wengine ni village sponsors.

You are not doing it any better by posting the picture here.A simple description of the vice would help.Wewe na huyo Hassan sioni tofauti.

That Mutinda fellow must be crazy.

this is just a normal pic… He took down the other one… I don see anything wrong with this one… Or maybe am wrong i donnow

Like I said,wewe na yeye hamna tofauti,hauoni chochote kibaya na hiyo picha,plus even entertaining the thought of uploading an innocent kid here.Anywho

Shows how different people are, what you find disgusting to another its normal. Reason why we need laws and regulations to guide us.

Sick man…

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