Must read Books (a definitive list)

I know there are plenty of book threads, but I’d like to make one on the topic of must-read books.

I’m not talking about the entertainment kind. Though that could be secondary. Primarily, let’s talk about books that alter your mindset significantly or change your viewpoint on life in a positive way.

Whenever I have downtime, I’d like to spend it reading something that enhances my life in some way.

Here are two great books, with some quick points that come to mind.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams

  • Systems over goals is a great idea
  • Develop plenty of skills, even if only moderately, and you’ll be set for the future
  • Wake up at 4 AM to get ahead

A Guide to the Good Life: Stoic Joy - William Irvine

  • Consider everything you have temporary - from material possessions to people - for when you inevitably lose them in life the pain won’t sting as much. Added bonus is that you’ll cherish that which you’ll lose much more while you have it
  • Negative visualization–imagine losing what you already have so that you can stop endlessly lusting for more
  • Take pride in having the simplest pleasures
  • It’s not about living with less or being frugal. Rather it’s about being able to live with less so that your well-being is not shattered when the going gets rough

What about you guys. What are your must-read books? It would be helpful if you could include a couple of quick pointers as to why you see it as a worthwhile read.

Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp… the only book I’ve read, kitabu msuuri saidi

why did you see it as a worthwhile read?

It’s a fictional book though, it’s the entertainment kind, that’s not the thread subject.

The Rational Male

Science of getting rich

why did you see it as a worthwhile read?

why did you see it as a worthwhile read?

This and the richest man in Babylon should be staples in our education system…kama golden bells ukijoin boarding school ama set book



It’s a serious discussion elder, take your closet desires elsewhere.

It’s all in the title bro, I mean life is easier when you’re rich. It is simple and straight forwad. Everybody can understand the book

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

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