Muslims tell us...

The last respond by Paul Wasaka in this tweet…

The arabs are only united on fridays,ramadhan and anti-charlie Hebdo. Hio ingine watu wajipange.


Hapo kwa countries, aongeze Zoomalia pia.

@Bingwa Scrotum pitia hapa

nimeona nikalenga

PC ameuliza swali mzuri sana. You find syrian refugees fleeing to Europe knowing fully well that mzungu culture will clash with theirs very hard.
Saa the muslim refugee in Europe start crying that mzungu is no conforming to them.


Muslims, Arabs and other cockroaches are a cancer to this beautiful, God-given earth. They destroy and bring into ruin everything beautiful. Europeans better start pulling a Hitler’s card while it is still early.

What you low IQ blacks dont understand is that jungus think the same of africans no matter the religion. Go to U.K where they have plenty of west african christians and see what jungus think about them… You should add african cockroaches too in your sentence because that is the only way to portray the reality.

We all know that
But why go to a majority secular and christian nation then complain that u aren’t treated like a Muslim should?
For instance, if burkas’ aren’t allowed, why complain?
Wouldn’t it be easier for you to move to Saudi?
If a mganga from Zanzibar is barred from doing his uganga thing in Poland ,why not move to a country that will allow him to practice his uchawi in peace

Deep down inside most Muslims crave the rights and freedoms of more liberal societies, and they feel stifled by their archaic customs in the modern world. Unfortunately these Muslims are held hostage by an extremist minority that only resents Western decadence because they will never access it or enjoy its benefits. Because Islam is effectively a cult (more so than any other religion I can assure you) these so-called moderate muslims fear openly dissenting or worse, criticising these aspects of their religious doctrines.

Basically it’s like being in the military. You may not agree with how things are done by the higher ups but you don’t dare speak out on it even with your peers for fear of reprisals. This is why an overwhelming majority of militant groups are Islamic. Their doctrine fits very well in such a set up.

Because they were colonised by the West and the West uses Hollywood to show how everyone can succeed there

Africans here who strip women naked for wearing a miniskirt are always trying to get a visa to WEstern countries where women walk almost naked. it is the same thing

A muslim flees to jungu land and starts to bweka bweka. Why not run to wealthy saudi or Kuwait where you can Allah akbar the whole day bila shida.

I agree… Thats why i also think africans should shut up about racism when they go to the west. Why cant they go to other african countries instead where they wont have problem with racism? Instead of trying to change european culture. Again i agree, but you thinking that those kind of things only applying to ‘muslims’ and cannot be generelised to africans is just stupid. Many jungus want to get rid of africans and muslims, and also in France a big part of the muslims are africans from west africa and north african countries.

And one more thing you low iq foolks dont understand is that most of those immigrants are from muslim countries destroyed by the west and nations like France. Death to France.

Because Islam is a political movement, of conquest. The goal of conquering foreign lands and dominating those people is what powers this quasi religion. Otherwise Islamites would fight amongst themselves and the ideology would die a natural death.

@Alchemist covered this a long time ago, I could never argue with the numbers. Here in. Ke they have quite the grip

Very soon we are going to eradicate this cancer called Islam