Muslim lovelies☑

There’s something about muslim chicas, i just can’t resist them… especially swahili Arab mix. TTW (Tamu, Tight & Warm)[ATTACH=full]278764[/ATTACH]

Islam is a religion my friend. Just like Christianity or Judaism. Maybe you meant Somali girls or Arab girls.

Hii ndio unakula msee?


Hapa ni dry fryness only… Those of the same opinion say I

I just specified Swahili Arab mix…

hey love

Not really… but nimepatna na ngoko kadhaa South C, of the same lineage… Tamu kama mayai ya bata mzinga

Biggest problem yao ni Privacy, kuwapiga snap is close to inviting them pork dinner

Ddnt know engui is a fagget.

shida Yao ni they are offsprings of incest . Siwezi oa

Depends, am contemplating… no bigger Sin than the other

r u fuken kiddin???

Shida yao ni uchafu. Can’t imagine having to stomach a whole day sweat holed up in a buibui halafu the same hand she is using to wipe off poop she uses to give me a hj!? It’s a no for me

Its not about sin.nobody cares about that. Its the genetic complications of In breeding.

Balance me here, you rather clean your toilet with water but use paper to wipe your ass off??
How do you go down on a lady mwenye ametembea tao siku mzima with skid marks kwa mtaro ama poop grains or kasmell from last wipe? Water is more hygienic and safer. Ukiwa umekanyaga shonde kwa kiatu,do u take tissue to wipe or u use water to clean the mess?

you’re definately talking from experience…:Dwacha kutembea na wasichana wananuka mcoondoo aiseh.:D.Hygene kwa wengine is divine sio wote wako na skidmarks na sio kila mtu ako pale kitongoji duni,your analogy is off track

Don’t take us down that disgusting road please