Musito Kibe: There is a real crisis today in this country

MGTOW batallion is gaining traction pale kwa ground


The women themselves are not complaining because they can afford to go to these events bila wanaume. There’s no crisis, just independent women.

who said anything about anyone complaining?

Why is he driving a left hand drive ? This guy aache kutuenjoy ain’t no where in Kenya kuna that left hand drive . Kiko trumpistan

Thats a RHD boss, kwani umelewa ama?

When you label something a crisis even when it’s not, you are setting a preamble for complaining and even try to offer a solution.

MGTOW is supposed to be exactly that, men focusing on themselves and less on women, why are these fake members always here whining about women. Most members of MGTOW are just dejected incels.

This tyler boy must be kibe in disguise…

Haisuru… Kibe is an alarmist. Hakuna crisis, mamboys hawataki kutag along those useless kungurus, ununulie hao whiskey usiku mzima alafu uambiwe asante… Urudi penye umetoka…

About time. Women being on their own? Sioni shida hapo.

Boss I know what I’m talking of , that’s a left hand drive I’m not a fool

Yes that’s a left hand drive . You are keen ,very keen

Say no to drugs kijana.

Vuta ndom/boza polepole

It is not illegal to drive LHD in Kenya. It was only in 2017 that bringing your LHD from abroad was banned. In this video, the main aim of Andrew and the camera fella is to show that it is a LHD, is why he swivels to the stwering. More likely than not, it is in Kenya, also likely is not his car.

South Sudanese magari zao ni LHD.

Theres a feature called camera rotate @Bottoms .that’s what makes it look lhd. Calm yo tits!

imaginary crisis kibe is one of the men who believes that ratio of men to women is 1:7 in kenya

Boss take it to 1:20 and pause it there then tell me where that steering wheel is close to what door? Kindly. I drive these lhd cars everyday. I’m not sick. You call this RHD?[ATTACH=full]274677[/ATTACH]

There is a way you can set your phone camera to switch your image to the left or right side.

Muteso niaje

@smokin_gun invest in a phone with a properly configured camera. I mean high-end phones. A selfie with many cheap android phones does not flip photos, they look right-left. try a selfie with your branded t-shirt on an iPhone and basic android, see the difference. Iphones are programmed to flip the picture of selfies automatically. Basic androids will read your branded name in reverse