Musings of a greying man; GETTING MARRIED

Given the prevalence of lifestyle and communicable diseases among young people, getting married in the near future is going to be a precarious undertaking. For some strange reasons, young men and women have adopted some lifestyle choices that invariably put them at great health risk. These choices include reckless sexual relationships, binge drinking, excessive smoking, poor eating habits and general disdain for physical exercise and chores. As a result, young people especially ladies are walking around with deadly diseases.
It is not uncommon for tests to reveal that a lady is unable to give birth or has some incurable disease after the wedding day simply because of the choices she made at some point in her life. Thus the unlucky man is left with the burden of shouldering her medical expenses for the rest of his life.
For this reason, I propose that any man intending to get married should demand that the lady he intends to marry undergo a thorough medical checkup (including mental and IQ tests) to rule out diseases, excessive damage to the body and incurable stupidity. This would serve two broad purposes; First, the gene pool is left uncontaminated and secondly, the man gets to walk should the tests reveal something serious and/or incurably


In the US mnaenda had CRB to check on your financial health

Sv mimi niko na wajukuu.

Aha! so these deadly diseases only affect women? No need to test the man then.

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I speak for men. You can speak for the women.


This must be what you referred to as “incurable stupidity”


Why would you want me to champion interests that don’t concern me. Greater stupidity is exhibited by you

marrage will like jumping into Mara river…young people being those bongos. jumping into crocodiles mouths’

It’s a double edged situation… If you do have these “deadly diseases” or what you call “incurable stupidity” you can seek treatment or help in the case of stupidity before you exit this world prematurely.


Good proposal.
How can a man marry someone who cannot construct a proper sentence, cannot speak a true language and cannot cook?



should they also take a polygraph ? lie detector test?

Don’t y’all get tired of bashing women? Seriously every single day women this women that, girls this girls that, feminism this feminism that, single mothers this single mothers that. If not that you are prowling the internet for porn and posting it here. Its very sad.

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Wewe single mother tulia. My musings on reckless single mothers is coming. You will comment then.

madem wajifunze kuosha kuma , hii weekend nimekula dem fulani wa UON msupa but kuma inanuka sanaa nilivumilia tuu coz mboo haina mapua


OK I don’t know wth happened to my comment up there :arrow_up:lol poleni

It’s how you quoted it… you’ve got to write your comment after the square brackets
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