Musidanganywe na ujana, mwili ni maua

When people are young they don’t understand how fragile their bodies are. Drinking and drugging. One day the body just gives in. RIP Mrembo.


You know that a overdose is typically not from drug abuse. That is, overdose doesn’t mean that one took too much. Nowadays, drugs are intermixed with other drugs, because there’s no quality control in their manufacture. So you will find a drug house cooking cocaine and fentanyl with the same hardware. A user unknowingly looking for a cocaine high, gets fentanyl in the same dose. Many times, that’s a appointment with your marker. So many have lost their lives this way. Celebrities usually purchase high grade drugs. When you see them OD, this is exactly what happened.


Vijana wacheni mihadarati na umaraya. Ukisikia kichwa imechoka kunywa kanusu ya chrome na maji uende ulale. Kesho uamke mapema upike mayai ukule uende job


Why use drugs yet they are dangerous for your health, especially unregulated drugs which you may not be sure what really went into them? Bcz you think that you are invincible. Bcz you are young. My fren, don’t experiment with your body it’s the only one you have.

Just simple over drinking more than your body is used to, can kill you. Google about Alcohol poisoning. Apparently she vomited in bed and with no one near you, you simply choke yourself in your puke.

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chrome inachoma oesophagus banae.tried it once nilikua na heart burn wiki mzima hata nikikunywa maji.

i cant drink that shit…

Nilienda funeral flani huko Runyenjes.After burial magari zilikuwa zimeblokiana.the only alcohol in the car thatbi was in was black and white whiskey one mzinga and another one of chrome gin

Chrome genuine iko sawa

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Chrome legit iko sawa but you must miix na maji or soda. And have a meal kabla, especially a fatty meal. Watu wa kulewa Kwa wines hardly ever eat which is so sad

Who cares about an entitled malaya? People die everyday