Music: Sounds of Mali

Electronic… This group has some of the best rock songs I’ve ever listened to.

i hope it captures the whole playlist


confirmed that it does indeed capture the whole playlist but your Youtube account settings have to be set to “autoplay”

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Karibu, new face. You should listen to Rukia Traore’s Bowmboi. The album is alover the place in a good way. There’s even some yodeling if you are into such. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

I am so used to this guy I just assume he is always there…

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natafuta the name of a song lyrics zinaenda ivi

Shake your body eeh …shake your body eeh show me the way
kitu kama io

i am not into music that much unless ni roots.
but @shemale do you wonder why those prosperus kingdom didnt see the modern times?
dont you think there a kamajor problem with africans

I think it is an innate characteristic of “civilizations” rather than a of particular people. That growth curve ya bio applies here. The Roman empire fell so did the Grecian one, Mayans and Islam caliphate. Like all empires they fell because of a myriad of reasons ranging from geographical to sociopolitical (these ones mainly) ones.

If you have time you should read Jared Diamond’s - How Societies Choose to Fail or Suceed.

i didnt mean that aspect.
lets for example take egypt.
since you arent a crazy nut who beleives in aliens building pyramids what do you prevented the engineers who built pyramids (which is a cutting edge technology even by todays stardards).
you dont build a thirteen acres building without steel and it survives 7000 years unless you are a first rate engineer and @architect .
and how comes we didnt export our cultures even back then.
like tha malian empire span the whole of west africa but when it collapsed it culture died with it.
i cant where i read but the oldest gated community(it looks like the ruins of a palace.) are found in southern africa.
you will realise that nothing ancient africa is held in awe expect the pyramids which the whiteman claims is not african handwork.
another funny thing is how ancient black egyptians were wholly replaced by a light/brown skin

i meant why didnt the engineers pass the technology/export it or build even more awesome structure

Ali farka toure and Toumani Diabate always make the day for me. Debe, Sarbu yerkoy, Kaira etc./In the Heart of The Moon
N’taki- Idrissa soumaoro me likes

Most people think that technology we have to day is the only possible technology. The truth is that it is just a chance out of many possibilities. If we had another earth nearby with people, they would most likely develop a very different(ALIEN) technology at a different rate/speed. That was what was happening to africa. Due to isolation of subsaharan africa(most of subsaharan africa has been isolated since we dont know when), we were developing a different technology despite the fact that we were at a primitive stage when white man came with his substantially developed technology. We then had to adapt his tech or be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Imagine aliens coming down here with an alien tech that our nuclear bombs, tanks and rifles cant handle. Those who would adapt the alien technology and give a fight would at least survive. Those who stick with their tanks and rifles, not matter how noble they think the idea is would be cleaned off the face of the Earth.
If i visit you with an AK you got to make an Ak or buy one. Otherwise, you are mince meat.
Its not about “right”, “noble”, “pride”. Its about “Who has the muscle”

Sawa, I had not looked into it in such a way.

I think like both you and @Rene Descartes have said it all boils down to isolation. One of the main reason why technology was able to spread in the past was through interactions like war. Conquerers brought their culture which included technology with them and even absorbed those of the conquered. Arabs spread the numerals we use to day and the greeks and romans did so much for architecture and engineering. I really don’t know much about why so much technology was lost in the ancient times, from the Roman cement mixture to the atikytheria (sp) mechanism or why the technology in Mali is not pervasive today.

Maybe they did not even build marvelous structures, just enough to survive.

As for Egypt I would think it lies in how the pyramids were built mainly for religious reasons and that they took so long to finish. The religious part and their size would definitely have discouraged other cultures to adopt them. These top notch engineers were usually tied to those projects for a life time in such that they dedicated everything to that work and very little to anything else. They were too specialized.

In short I need to read more on that.

calling the technology that built the pyramids primitive is the height of impunity.
why didnt the chinese who invented many things including gun powder never prospered to modern time?
or the causcian is more long sighted than the rest of the races?

I am talking about subsaharan africa. WE. I dont care what color Egyptians were. They certainly weren’t us down here. And we should not try to own them. We never built any pyramid down here, but technologies were there.
The chinese culture bogged and still bogs them down. That you are only allowed to think what the state says you should think. And this Confucianism. Europeans are liberal. They allow people to do what they want. In the process, very good technology emerges, but others also go into other extremes that are not beneficial to anyone. Some become extremely wealthy in that liberalism and others become dirt poor, but generally, the society is collectively more powerful than the one that chooses to put everyone down. Its not even about intelligence, but culture.
For example, primitive guns were first made by Chinese, but random Europeans improved the tech many times over and became the first global military powers. CAN YOU IMAGINE A ZUCKERBERG FROM CHINA?? or even better FROM DPRK?

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are you implying that the whiteman’s culture is better or.more convinient thats why it was adopted worldwide?
there canbe a chinese zuckberg but he wont be glorified as the american one.
the fastest supercomputer is in china and they are the best in maths.
from my point of view the whiteman’s culture has more downs than up.
it skewed in favour of the haves while the have nots are secondary.
example royalty

Why then arent there such innovations in china and DPRK as there are in the US?
Not about who can do maths better, but who has the power. This is a world of haves and have nots. Everywhere. Its a fact of life on Earth.
There are very good mathematicians here in kenya and they are nothing compared to some illiterates. And most their children are going to beg for their daily bread from the children of the illiterates later. I dont know why people see a world of equal people. It has never been and its not going to happen in the near future by the look of things. Its also a fact that most of our hegemony here are not the best of mathematicians bust the best of drug smugglers and land grabbers. Its not exclusively abt kenya though.

The truth is hard to find. Most people think that people like bill gates wrote the windows versions till he resigned from CEO position. The truth is that employees wrote it. very bright employees who are absolutely good at maths. Bill just understands the rules of living better. Nothing else. Thats just an example.
You only get what you can take on this planet not what you are entitled to.

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