Music is universal.

Arab orchestra

Night of the champions.

The good the bad and the ugly.

Game of thrones.

Proud of their culture unlike akina @LuandaMagere and @Ndindu always worshipping black Americans like second gods.

And the way black Americans hate Africans. You hate Kenyan traditional music and preffer Snoop Dogg or Tupac. You think Tupac even knew where Kenya is located or even what a ‘Kenyan’ is.

@LuandaMagere stop listening to BLM vagabonds who only want you to buy their DVD and books. If they are truly Afro conscious they would’ve moved to Africa decades ago and brought other black Americans with them. Instead Afroconscious Patrisse Cullors is buying a home in white Malibu.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Nimeona hapo alfu Lela wi lela, kwani hii orchestra ni ya Abunuasi…

Pirates of the Caribbean.

@LuandaMagere it is because of Trump that Beyonce started PRETENDING to like Naija and S.A music. It’s all politics.

Prior to Trump the grammys didn’t give a fuak about Wizkid , Burna Boy or African music.

If Trump died today you will never see Snoop or Beyonce dancing to the Naija beat ever again. It’s all politics.

It was after Trump came to power that Drake and Rick Ross started doing collabos with African artistes. If Hillary had won, fogerrit!!!

Now they pretend to like Africans and Palestinians.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Bwana troll, ni kulala hujalala ama ndio umeamka?

Safi sana
I don’t know why I dropped out of choir. Will be doing a comeback soon.

This is an experienced team.

Naona ni kama nimekudunga shindano mahali ukaskia uchungu. :smiley:

Your reaction betrays your heart ache.

Hii ndo nilikua nadai kuulizia. This shit gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it and send me back to PoC marathon

Music is sound is air in motion — pushed, pulled, beaten, blown, plucked, talked, or sung into motion. It’s all about frequency and harmonics.

The cells in your body respond to different frequencies in different way . Certain frequencies (BPM) can hype you to violence ,others can hypnotize you and lull you into a state of subservience (eg most church music is around a certain similar BPM range ;the likes of Islamomusic, catholic/SDA choir music, hillsongs ,even gengetones ) .
That’s why there is a cabal that has been in control in the music industry that killed people like Prince , MJ , Bob Marley, 2pac It’s all about HERTZ (this …has a lot of effect on a metaphysical level)
Again Sound/THE WORD (air in motion) is a very powerful medium, depending on how it’s used . It can unite/build a people or the opposite to destroy/manipulate.

The Jah Messenger!

Proud of their culture na wewe ni culture gani ili inspire your starter pack because it ain’t African

What a performance, kwani msee Amekua embarambara

Gentleman the white rasta.

hio choir ya Rwanda ya champions league imenifungua mecho aboot the so called beautiful rwandan women, ukiangalia utaona only ten percent ni vitu swafi unlike the perception created in kenya

Sare jo,hii ni below the belt hadi kwa achilles heel