Music and Usiku Sacco Thread

:smiley: what do you mean? How and why?

hii umewai skia place wasee wanakunywa kaquater :D…

:D:D:D:D good point.
On that note leo lasma nichukue ka KC- mnazi.

alafu utume coordinates incase you need a walking schtick to stagger on…

My fren…hizi tunabebanga kama take away for precaution.:D:D

:D:D:D waana mutheri!

Depends on the personal taste of the proprietor. Some play mugithi others ohangala, most play reggae. Music transcends class.

No, it does not. It sucks to admit, but it’s the reality of how nature versus nurture works as a concept.

@Nefertities ni babi…hadi blankets and wine?

And this confirms my thesis; babi


It does. The problem with humans is that they tend to associate certain genres with certain classes. But in private you will find people from all classes appreciating music that is deemed not to be in their preserve.

Black Coffee is a beast!


Your whole range of choice of avatars appeals to the contents of my panties.


:cool:You’re welcome.