Music and Usiku Sacco Thread

@Deorro please take a seat and learn what constitutes “good music”.

Blankets and wine was useful for only 4 instances in its whole existence. One was hosting Liquideep which led Kenya’s sheeple to the discovery of Mi Casa.

Good house music

You do know you’re comparing two whole different genre’s?

Which two?

I thought I would find a good list of songs and albums here but all I am seeing is just one song and a rant of why you have the best taste without proof

Kojoa kwa potty ulale!

just woke up na sioni nikilala anytime soon hadi maybe 6

@Nefertities …so all along u were inlove with this ghasia takataka jaluo deorro

What is ua IQ? I am just curious…


Ndio na shangaa

Never thought… Ama wacha tu

Best music? Jamaa aliomba drum machine, akachukua pattern moja na kuirudishia mwenyewe.

Maliza tu.:smiley:

Kuna Siku niliwapata sonford huko upstairs wakiumishana chips.

amkeni mchape kahawa:D.

Neff neff neff
Sisemi kitu

VC please ban all these haters

Haters make you strong
Endelea Na masweep

Music ya masos … huwezi pata maskini akiskiza hii