music and ear worms

I have been feeling really low, not bouncing back any more.
Had a good long think about what is different.
Yea, covid, lock down, us all being in tiers!
But I haven’t been focusing on my beloved tunes.
My son strumming his guitar reminds me of what I’m missing.
At the moment I am revisiting Jack White’s Blunderbus, Love Interruption is my favourite track.
Back in the day I would look out for bands touring near us.
Saw Jack White at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. He was amazed at the beautiful venue and really appreciated the architecture.
The Lowry at Salford Quays is another wonderful place.
Bridgewater Hall in Manchester too.
So what i want for 2021 is a cat, tickets to see a good band at a good venue (Arenas are impossible for me) and lovely son to continue strumming.
thank you forum for giving me a place to let all my nonsense out!
I really do want a cat, x

Eeeeeeeeh …ok

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I was in the same state as you while stuck in quarantine, and I think it’s perfectly normal. We all have our ups and downs. However, it’s important to get through them. One day, searching on the internet as always, I found this website with these great premium guitar picks, and I knew it was a sign to start playing the guitar again. I am so happy I took this decision. I started posting videos on youtube, gaining a huge audience there. Also, I had a lot of collaboration, which improved my quarantine experience.

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Ear worms is the reason I don’t intentionally listen to music.