Music a bit directed to @Freestyle

Having said that dude takes bad hits for no reason just for being my friend…so there can never be a DJay sesh with my Chris/Coldplay for me…and not a mention to him

There is a reason my Wiz has headlined so many movie covers…TALENT!

Don’t know why I like this hit by Wiz. I sing it word for word. You do not have to comment kesho.

Best ever

Thenks Abba for acknowledging this giant for what he is. An amazing person. So simple, so polite. People forget that music is not all about going to a club. It is the lyrics and the beats and a legacy we are passing on.

Was to put up some music here today.

This cant get out of my head

New by Lenny

Have we ever listened to TRAIN? here they are

Hie shosh , ouru is milking us dry !

Managed to listen to this collection this evening. I try hard but I have no time for Taylor Swift, don’t know why. Maybe because the Brit media gives her v bad coverage as she picks Brit men uses them and dumps them. How could she use Calvin Harris, my Calvin Harris like tishu?

Wooi Arianna…she is classic.

Unataka nifanye nini? kikikiki?ninjui niuwe muthee eguku for a little while. Eharia pub na murata.

My young Wiz teams up with the great one…SNOOP…Wiz’s vocals are legendary…
gudnite now…if we wake up early kesho nitapiga simu @Freestyle

Wire muthee ere ouru , “mundu ndathiaga ugeni agatiga gwake gukihia”
Good day say hie to all in Rodon.

Ningumwira na niegukinyia…na ningugeithania Rodoni. Nawe taguo nakou guothe. Ndathekire muno ndona niworire utuko nakou Gatamaiyu hihihihihi wina munyaka nduorite Gachie.

I will never forget that night …infact have bought a masai sword incase I need it in future !

You need one. Ngai where exactly were you ndio ninyite hiyo mbisha? It must have been scary though especially because of the darkness and were you alone? but I gorra question for you! how did you let darkness find you in that region na tena vile huwa kunanyesha ovyo ovyo?

Was coming from Nak , diverted at kimende to kagwe but took wrong turn and found myself lost deep in gatamaiyo forest . Nikiona bodaboda , ana fikili Mimi ni jambazi, walevi nawaogopa !

Haki I am not even laughing anymore. You are lucky to be alive. Were you alone?

Was with my mama , juniors and a man friend, how I wish I was alone . That was my second worst risk in my life