Mushroom market

Am planning to do mushroom farming. Am asking kama hii biz iko market.Ama it will turn out Kama ile ponzi scheme ya quail

It would have been easier to ask who has had mushrooms in a hotel and which hotel it was. Using kenyatalk as a sample will give you an idea of the market size and the hotels you can check with as a supplier. Personally, I have never eaten a mushroom dish and dont know where I can buy one.

You gotta liase with hotels. Ask people dabbling in supply biz. It’s suicide to have stock minus market that actually has good demand

Napenda mushrooms sana.Kakamega zinauzwa na ni expe.

Great idea, where are you running your venture?

I have a feeling you might be onto something good based on the number of times have heard complains that there were no mushrooms at the store.

Wapi huko? Ingia ndani ndani pande za Lubao utapata bei poa

As a mushroom farmer,can I advise you please? There’s market. Primarily because of low loyalty between the customers and suppliers. There are quality issues and mushrooms take two weeks to be ready for harvest per cycle. The short shelf life means there is constant demand because of spoilage. Go for hotels,not supermarkets. I assume you’re growing button mushrooms. After the first few months,expand to oyster and shiitake. That will let you sell to upmarket hotels and restaurants. If you sell to individuals or want to,go after people at culinary schools. They have that passion and will be regular clients. That’s unsolicited and free advice. Anyway, let me sip my njohi in peace.

Great piece of advice right there

Thanks mzee. Maisha ni ngumu,tusaidiane.

Do you grow magic mushrooms and truffles?

Ati nmesikia mushroom inaponya “kuharo” after bladder ya buttocks imeharibiwa

No I don’t. Getting spores for psylocibin mushrooms is nearly impossible. As for truffles, I don’t grow them either.


Osto, Im new in this & just started harvesting buttons (small scale) . The selling situation is tricky , I have sort of been cornered to selling to brokers who are kumuaing me dry , I don’t have an established clientele or hotels and supermarkets are only ready to discuss large consistent quantities . I am producing between 10- 30 pallets weekly, any pointers on how to sell them, ama is there any possibility we can join forces while I find my own direct market for them?

What’s the average revenue on the 10- 30 pallets weekly?

ksh 2000 -4500 gross which barely breaks even. I should be clocking ksh 7500+

I don’t do partnerships. Too much waste,not enough win. I can tell you though that the problem you have with your yield is because of the substrate you’re using. 30 pallets is a lot,that’s enough to give you about 10k per two weeks. Get better substrate,it will increase your yield and enable you to approach better customers. If you need help with the substrate, let me know,I’d rather provide it to you.

Hi guys…am a new mushrooms farmer but my mushrooms are starting to turn yellowish and no yeild… what could be the reason…pls help

Hi all,
Any connection to those interested in buying Oyster mushroom, fresh or dried? The supply will be consistent and the price agreeable.