museveni recognises palestine.

Museveni reffered to Netanyahu as the president of palestine.[ATTACH=full]46995[/ATTACH]

I watched his speech yesterday on some Ugandan station. He referred Israel as Palestine more than 5 times. Very embarrassing. The Israeli guests were very uneasy

Somebody said if a country recognises palestine the west carries out a terror attack.

missiles were ready
[ATTACH=full]46998[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]46999[/ATTACH]

Hehehe… Ati missile…
That looks like a retired Mig fighter plane

Museveni just loves stirring shit.

piece of cake for irondome.

That man is senile but he won’t admit it. Remember how he acted in his recent inauguration?

Hapa ni aero beach.watu Wa scrap metal muliwa?
That was a gaffe Na nusu.

FCK Israel

Senility has eroded the old soldier’s mind. If he can, he ought to groom a successor and exit gracefully.

Netanyahu has no doubts about what his country is called or how it views Palestine.