"Museveni humility "

While travelling to the upcountry a serious call made him to stop the journey and receive the call for 30 minutes forcing the Aides to provide him with a chair on the side of the busy highway.This was the same day Besigye was being released from prison with a bail. Was it a PR strategy?


ako fisi manenos

Think this was well calculated, could it have really been coincidence?

Who calculates to have a 30minutes call? Could be just me, but it could be a genuine call from an important person.

Kweli hawezi zungumza kwa gari?

PR manenos but hata sijui what his latest stunt was meant to achieve. Juzi alikuwa akiropokwa wakati wa ziara ya Netanyahu

Anaweza but with age comes eccentric behavior. Sijui eccentricity itaitwaje kwa kiswahili.

Hii imenichekesha.
@introvert weka yako


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he getting old, Ugandans should have decomisioned him.

Oneni fala ingine


@introvert weka ya seatilikus communicatis palestineusis. this guy is dumb.

Hehehe… Binomial nomenclature kweli kweli…

ya mwisho:D:D


hii ni binomial au trinomial?

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