Museveni appoints daughter governor of Uganda C bank

Huyu Mzee amezidi sasa. Son is head of the armed forces and wife is Health minister.

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Revolution they will all be burned at the stake… He is killing his own blood line by making them the face of oppression… Kama Romanovs


Inshort Uganda is now his personal farm :green_emoji: meanwhile hapa kunia governors are giving their sons control of network infrastructure meant to collect funds in hospitals or any payments just like eshitizen is controlled by Ile kiyana ya jambazi001 msenge Ikona muhindi husband? Gaoboyfriend?

He is doing it openly. Hapa kwetu we do it kichini chini :smile:

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Wadau hii story may be fake, though naona twirra streets imesambaa sana

Wadau, Central Bank zote za country zote za dunia zinakuwa managed kutoka mahali moja. Kama Overlords wame approve choice ya museveli, kila kitu iko sawa.

ii maisha ni fupi, tumikia Overlords bila kelele mingi.

Doubtful news. To confirm later

Anus licker umeona mwenye anus unalaba amekopa tena

Kichini chini saa ngapi when Murkomen pulls up in a Rolex Yacht-Master 37 Rose Gold watch, mara he’s spotted in some Gucci shoes worth $2000, shit he wasn’t seen in a few years back. Sakaja bought land worth 1B last week. Sakaja was no where near the billionaires club 2 years back. So hakuna chini ya maji, ni just how popular you are, and how convincing you are to the public.

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This is too much. Things will not end well. At some point there will be a revolution or an army coup d etat. His family will suffer

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Real state capture by hio familia.

Mimi nangoja ile siku kenyans watamea akili

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