So apparently in the NASA arrangement ANC was supposed to get the Public Accounts Committee chair. In fact on the eve of voting both ODM and ANC party leaders had discussed the issue at length. ANC had proposed Hon. Sakwa Bunyasi and ODM agreed to back him, on voting day Hon. Bunyasi even made a dramatic entry walking into the chambers after everyone, briskly and confidently. Some members even told him “karibu chair” . After voting however he was surprised to get only 3 out of the 18 votes.
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi was not
amused and called Raila Odinga to protest that ODM members were not whipped to vote for Hon. Bunyasi, Raila told Musalia that they had decided the position was too sensitive and had let members vote for their favourite candidate. A furious Mudavadi then lashed out telling Raila that he had stolen from them.

let my MP finish his job. tutampea ugovernor.

What did they expect???

A fair deal of course. Anaitwa tinga

Jaluo is Dryfrying Abaluhya hadi kwa Mkia. Anyways, let NASA cannibalize itself.

Aaaah, Rao and unye are serving their last terms in politics, they dont expect favors… Madvd aache kusumbua…

:D:D we are now ahead in those times i tell you

mudavadi brings very little to the table, apambane awache kuombaomba

Lmfao… Wait. Did you just say rao is serving his last Term in politics? You need a hard slap

Hahaha si ni yeye brainchild ya jina NASA

Sakwa Bunyasi had a very influential position pale world bank he was the best candidate

Ababu and Gumbo both headed PAC

Bunyasi ni mwizi wa CDF na khupipi ya mtu anafaa akulishwo nyasi.
“Double mega scandals have hit the Chairman of the Western Kenya Members of Parliament Caucus and the Member of Parliament for Nambale constituency John Sakwa Bunyasi over the constituency’s Development Fund (CDF) and a policeman’s wife. The Auditor General Edward Ouko in his recent report indicted Bunyasi’s Nambale constituency CDF as having squandered over Ksh10 million shillings on projects that could not be accounted.”

Mwajuma Toloi

she’s our new MCA