Murkomen should learn from Ruto and Oscar Sudi....... It is time to retreat!!

A good soldier knows when they are down. At the moment, the Ruto faction of Jubilee has been outwitted and out-gunned by a sobered up and vicious Konyagi. Therefore Senator Murkomen might want to stop the d.ick measuring contest he is engaging in with Konyagi and retreat for a while. Maybe he should borrow a leaf from William Ruto (himuselefu) and Oscar Sudi. These are real hustlers who know that the rain has started, and it is time to park the matatu, and cover the chicken coops. Even the fiery lady Susana Hicks has retreated to watching the floods from her Jeneza up on the Menengai Crater

The lawyer in Murkomen deceives him that calling Uhuru names is the way to go. While the son of Jomo is ordinarily a friendly buddy buddy type, this time he is fighting for not only a “legacy”, but also a continuation of the ruling club. The sword is slashing left and right, and only crafty soldiers such as Sudi , Willamu (and Alfred Keter ;);)) might survive the onslaught. In case of doubt, dial 0722-542-Sonko

Sudi is all over Facebook akitusi Uhuru, jana alienda Twitter akapewa masweep akazama. If Murkomen and Sudi keep quiet then Ruto will not be heard, remember for now he can not attack the president directly, atalala ndani.

Unjinga ya foot soldier like Murkomen, is not realizing that, Ruto may throw the towel in, and make a deal for himself, leaving his Tanga Tanga brigade stranded.

Another handshake

Murkomen huongea sana,yeyote anaye mjua ampee hii habari hapa chini

Sudi is very active on MKZ unleashing matusi

At the end of the day, Sisi tutakuwa tumecheswa

hata sisi huyo konyangi tuna mlaani na kumutusi kwa roho

I was expecting demos in Eldoret after the ouster of Murkomeno.

Too early. And in any case…even a hint of possible unrest (read violence in Kalenjin heartland) will surely cook Ruto’s goose. Even international support may falter. So bado. And hopefully never.