Murkomen heckled like a burukenge in marakwet - kimeumana

He had asked them to vote for the udaku candidate huko marakwet but wamesema hawapangwingwi kama tugege.

Wameambia murkomen akae kwa ofisi afanye kazi awache kutangatanga while hasoras are dying of hunger.

“Murkomen heckled while campaigning for UDA Senatorial Candidate in Elgeyo Marakwet”

It’s about time every politician was served the pill UHURU was given! The people choose who they want, not who self-proclaimed king pins want

Friday: No public servant should politic.
Monday: WSR henchman (Public servant) politics on broad day light.

Conclusion: Good to be King

Meanwhile as murkomeno is heckled , kwift marsupial watchie @uwesmake is busy drinking 10 shs tea and 2 five bob kamandazi ready to stampede anything that his brain calibrates as a threat to kwift property And investment