Murkomen defecting to KANU? I think it is plausible from his silence...


Murkomen awache Ruto?

His silence is too much… when was the last time you saw him with Ruto?

I don’t think he can bolt now but remember he’s a very late entrant into team Ruto…he was never a ruto guy to begin with

KANU tutakaribisha yeye … lakini akuje na upole. Elders pia tunawakaribisha, murudi kwa chama ya baba na mama mtingize kidole. Elders semeni … Jogoo, Jogoooo…

But he refuted those claims

Leta pesa nikuuzie jogoo. Kanu bila cock sio chama.

Let us not give these politicians too much trust. Murkomen can jump ship to another party, easily if the tides appear to have turned… they are all Super-opportunists… ? Anything is possible and I can bet that Murkomen’s speculation cannot be too far off the truth…

Hebu sema …Jogoo, Jogoooo. Sounds familiar …right. Right!

some analyst was saying that the Kalenjin politicians are avoiding going around with Ruto so that he(Ruto) is not seen as a kalenjin tribal leader…
ili aonekane akiwa national leader… it’s not by mistake

Murkomen adds no value to The 5th. The fact that he is silent when others are making known their positions on various national issues shows he’s not a man to be trusted, he is a fair weather friend.

I doubt it because there are also many who follow him around… and they were extremely vocal and surrounding him for a long time… And even then, it is obvious that we are super-ethnic… no surprises anywhere…


Is this letter genuine


What is Salama saying…that BBI was a trap…it was ill advised and it allowed the judiciary to show the bullish executive a middle finger…twice.

We can donate murkomen and sudi to whoever wants.

murkomen amenyimwa Elgeyo marakwet gavana direct UDA ticket

Wacha adefect to coomer ya mama clichy yenye imenjaa worms ghaseer .nilikua nimelega mambo yako lakini wewe ni shenzi[ATTACH=full]391331[/ATTACH]

Looks like he’s not singing the tunes any more.

We are not saying he should follow others blindly, but should clearly state his position on current affairs. Gideon Moi hataki cowards waingie kwa kambi yake. Raila hawezi taka cowards kwa kambi yake. Kila kigogo anataka watu shupavu kama yule mama wa Kajiado. Kama vile akina Junet wanasimama kidete na Baba, kama vile akina Gachagua wanasimama na mwizi wa sugoi.