Murirah Family Booty

Njoki Murira and her well endowed Sisters and Cousins …

A wonderful Gene is present in their DNA …:revolving_hearts::bouquet::fire::sparkles::+1:

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Meffi wote.
Siwezi toba.
Afadhali ninyonge bila blueband


Loose juvenile talk …
Bure Kabisa …
Post Your wife here for a Critical Assessment…:blush:

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Moving swiftly along …:blush:

The family is doomed completely, the 1 year olds already are posing lanyecally


Most definately worth a Secondary Inspection … :blush: :two_hearts: :fire: :bouquet:

Your life revolves around ass.

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Let me guess …
Yours revolves around CBD Granny Pussy …:blush:

Our Okuyu sisters are known for their chicken legs.Hapa lazima iko dna ya Jaluo.Wont be shocked if the mum sneaked to get Jaluo DNA


So you’re both a danguro sampler and an ass junkie?