Owes crick

unless ni coomer inaonyesha clit mimi na bundles zangu Mwitu siwes clit or is it click

I clicked and it is a stupid article

Has your handle been hacked?
You are very ‘feisty’ all of a sudden.


what do you think?

You guys are so mean especially the staff members.

Not everything is serious here. Take things with a light heart, a ladle of salt, and we’re just having some fun. By the way…

so you will just post a link with no description and just expect me to click?
what if I click and get infected by a comp virus or adware or worse ransomware after clicking your link?
look at this post by @Okiya
I clicked the link because of how he described it. hata mimi siwezi wekea watu link bila kuwaambia imebeba nini

Hata mimi nashangaa.
Hebu mwambie akuje hapa boardroom kwa emergency confirmashen meeting.

Tuwekee picha ya mathighs Mukuhi tusafishe macho.

niaje tei ya Kesho time ya Game yetu

This is the second time this guy has just posted a okanyal click. Apigwe equator.


kitu kama hio. I dont want to make anyone blind

lazima. Hiyo katimu tunaikamua ki Chelsea.

Mteso mumeharibu chama ya Baba huko busia.

@Mukuhi naomba sitapanda mbegu ndani…

boo-freaking-hoo! Get with the program!

Marasmus legs unatusumbua na links