Murica vs Kenya workers

Elders kwani uko murica, workers wanalipwa per hour ama Mimi ndio sielewi.An average american earns roughly 11.17 USD per hour which is about 1,300 kes.Nimetry Ku calculate mshahara per hour yawa and its depressing jameni.We should try to regulate working hours in this country,unapata sanasana kwa retail msee anatinga job saa sita usiku na kuopen next day 5:00 na biashara si yake.Kenya has to be the hardest working nation in Africa but poverty is still rampant.
Katika pitapita zangu nimecheki ati Nigeria,Tz,Ug are ranked happiest country above us by the UN(World happiest report).The report based on various factors, including levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption, among others.Hii ni upuus na vile Ugandans wamejaa Kenya wakitafuta ajira.Anyway COTU is a clown organisation which is after its own selfish interests.

For real things are not working in Kenya…I’m moving to Italy where I’m being paid 7times the salary I’m earning in Kenya for less working hours…true story I wake up at 5am and close work at 9pm…I never believed in leaving Kenya but truth is if I’m to make it here I won’t retire have to walk all of my life…Kenya is a beautiful country but policies and our politics will always drag a hardworking Kenya back


The worst thing you can do is to convert usd salaries to KES, conditions aren’t really the same and economy isn’t too.

Kenya has potential but it’s ruined by bad political choices by the masses who are entertained by nonsense.

Personally if I ever found an opportunity abroad I’d take it in a heartbeat, I’ve had enough of petty colleagues

rent ya kanyumba kadogo ni 100k
huwezi ishi solo

lazima ukae na watu wenye hata most likely huwajui. munapatana craigslist

Yes it’s per hour. Lakini pia cost of living injustify that because hapa you can’t compromise eti unajenga slums. Either ufike bei ama ukuwe homeless. Ukikuwa lucky unaeza pata dormitory style low cost housing. Uliza @patco, @Kahuni Maisha na @Simiyu22 wakueleze how things work around.

Atwoli angejaribu tu afanye kazi hata 2 hours a day

Kenyan currency is undervalued by about 37%, so don’t compare US and Kenyan salaries as if the currencies have the same value.

Take a KFC two piece chicken as an example.

Price in Kenya - 370
Price in U.S.A. - 511

With 3,700, you can buy 10 two piece chicken in Kenya
But the same amount of money can buy 7 two piece KFC chicken

So if you move to US with your Kenyan currency and convert it to USD, it buys less.
Think for example about Pilots who have to spend time in other countries, they get paid in Kes, but when they go to other countries it buys less.


Juu unalia pesa, heres’ an idea that will make you rich in a short while.

Some guys in the UK have the exact spice blend that KFC sells to their Franchise restaurants

They got it from Colonel Sanders in 1960’s and 1970’s before he died.

Buy this blend from the UK and start supplying to Kenyan restaurants selling chicken

Then eventually, figure out how to make it yourself.

Watch the YouTube video in this page, then read the comments in the video