Murdered NLC lady Wambua took a mat to Ngong for prayers

@Simiyu22 can you give us your copy on this madam bcz it’s getting more confusing with every new finding.

Wow. Now that’s a twist. Looks like a stranger killed her. Never understood why women accept favors from strange men when they have a husband, brother, male cousin or co-worker to call.

The pastor told her to go to Ngong for prayers, this case will end up as a rape and murder case. Meaning the woman was found by random men in Ngong who raped and killed her.

Nop. Hakuna cha randomly men found an easy target hapa.Nop!
Being a witness in a highly court case is only the logical conclusion to terminate the poor girl,period!!

Something is not adding up:


According to the acting NLC boss, Ms Wambua had asked for some time off since Monday last week, saying she felt depressed.
“She came to see me in the office on Monday March 8. She narrated how she had an accident the previous weekend and even showed me photographs of her damaged car,” Ms Arero said, adding she granted her five days leave to cool off.

Handbag in car
Her husband, Joseph Komu, said after dropping her to work at the commission’s offices on Friday morning, he was surprised to find her handbag and her mobile phone in the family car hours later, while at a garage.
Mr Komu works with the Ministry of Agriculture at Kilimo House, a walking distance from her work place. The car was parked at a nearby parking yard.

He said it appeared that she came back to the car, dropped her handbag which contained her mobile phone, but cannot tell what happened thereafter.
“I picked the car at around 11am and went to the garage where I discovered my wife’s handbag and her phone. After the car was fixed, I drove to her office to drop the items but was shocked when her colleagues told me she had not been seen that day,” said the distraught husband.
On Saturday morning, after she failed to show up the previous night, Mr Komu says he drove back to NLC offices and proceeded to report the matter at Capitol Hill Police Station.

CCTV footage
Detectives visited the commission’s offices and retrieved CCTV footage to trace her movements from the time she was dropped by her husband.
Preliminary investigations show that she indeed reported to her fourth floor office at ACK Annex adjacent to Ardhi House, according to CCTV footage, but was seen walking out about an hour later.
In both moments captured by cameras — while alighting from the building’s lift and later as she exited the offices — she is seen carrying her handbag.
“Already, detectives have retrieved CCTV footage at her place of work and preliminary investigations show that she entered her fourth floor office and later left carrying her handbag, an hour later,” said Mr Komu.

However, detectives are puzzled how her mobile phone was hours later found in her husband’s car that was parked near the office.
“It appears she was either kidnapped at the parking lot after she opened the car and put the handbag containing her mobile phone, or she willingly dropped the items in the car and left,” the distraught husband told Nation by telephone.
He said his wife’s failure to show up at home for a third night has heightened anxiety in the family.
Mr Komu was Sunday questioned by detectives at the DCI headquarters and recorded a statement with the team tracing the journalist’s whereabouts. The couple resided in Machakos town.

The body also had facial injuries, an indication that the victim had a physical altercation with her killers before she was overpowered.
The family’s pathologist, Joseph Ndung’u, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and experts from the Government Chemist were also present. Samples were collected for further analysis.
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji, directed the Inspector-General of Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the barbaric killing of Ms Wambua, who was a key witness in a multimillion-shilling fraud case.

Detectives are now under pressure to find out who killed the veteran journalist, and why. By Thursday evening, they had narrowed down their probe to the people behind the 58 calls that were made to Ms Wambua’s cell phone in the days leading to the murder.
Investigators are also trying to find out if she intentionally left her phone in the family car, or her killers did it to make it difficult for police to trace them.
Ms Wambua was one of the key witnesses in a corruption case involving Lugari MP Ayub Savula.
The legislator has been accused with 20 others, including his two wives, of defrauding the Government Advertising Agency (GAA) of Sh122 million.

Others on trial are former ICT Principal Secretary Sammy Itemere and former director of GAA Dennis Chebitwey. Ms Wambua was to be cross-examined three days before her disappearance.
State prosecutor Henry Kinyanjui told the court Thursday that she had testified on February 18.
“It has not yet been established whether her death is connected to this ongoing case against Mr Savula, Mr Itemere and Mr Chebitwey, among others,” said Mr Kinyanjui.

It seems strange that she would willingly leave her bag and phone in the car without telling the husband anything, then hop into a mat to go and pray alone in a bushy, secluded field some 30 kms away.

I also don’t understand and which pastor is this who tells a woman to go to a field in the middle of nowhere to pray? Some pastors though. I know people go to pray in Ngong forest but it is not safe and that why she didn’t carry anything fearing to be robbed.

Why could she not have taken the day off and went to Heaven’s Gate or Katoloni in Ukambani? Where she would be safe. Even over the weekend you can go there for prayers and you will be safe.

Maybe she was bewitched and that’s why she even got an accident.

Most of all, why didn’t she tell her husband. What is strange, in the court case , the first appearance she was sick. 2nd one she had an accident. Third one she was dead. In a case she’s a government witness, other officers can be briefed and perform the same duty if she felt scared.

It’s also quite far for someone who has options. Logically, one would expect she would use the car to get near there and back, leave it at a safe parking area in the nearby town, then walk to the prayer site. It’s more practical than taking a mat from Nairobi. One would expect she would tell the husband too, especially since they are said to have been sharing the car, each with their own set of keys. But all we can do is speculate.

Its very unsafe bcz people dump bodies of people they kill in Ngong forest and also thugs learn target practice in that forest. She may not have thought any one would attack her since she’s old and had no valuables. Ngong forest is like a hub of thugs. Very dangerous.

They already arrested 2 Maasai men and a kiyuk who bought her something. I am foreseeing it becoming a random rape case that ended in murder. This is Kenya and even police won’t mess with a well healed politician. I could see them try to make her husband a suspect ati he didn’t say hi to the guard and he took the car to the garage and behaved abnormally.

Any place that is secluded is potentially dangerous. The place they reported isn’t much of a forest, it’s basically a large undulating space with bushes and long grass. Herds of cattle roam the area in daytime, and there are a number of footpaths crisscrossing it. Serene, really. An ideal place for hikes, walks and bicycle rides. Someone craving seclusion for prayer or meditation might want to sit there for its quiet, but it wouldn’t be safe to hang out there alone. Such places are bound to have idlers and busybodies who are just watching who is passing. Quiet, yes, but it can’t be presumed to be safe.