Murdered Murderer was Also Gay and a paedophile

Obado bribed his way out and the poor girl had no friends in high places Cohen is a different kind of dead man

This case is going to go on for years. Sarah Wairimu Cohen might not see the inside of jail for years and there is a chance she never will. Kwanza she will get bail and that will probably be the end of everything. [SIZE=7]In Kenya jail is for the have nots.[/SIZE]

Wapi Howie?

You mean Jowie? He’s squarely a have-not. Dude couldn’t even afford a car. He was using Ms Maribe’s

Will the judge order that she be released to go and occupy the scene of the crime and subject of an acrimonious divorce? Dream on.

"[SIZE=5]Cohen got drunk and started asking young boys and girls for sex."[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@sani bana, you can spin better than this surely.[/SIZE]

You will be eating your words very soon. I’ll make sure to remind you of it too.


The term to use is alleged…

is this where is say tuko na ka inferiority complex?

You don’t kill an Israeli or American and walk coz your justice system is shit. Read widely. Not every country looks the other way when it comes to their citizenry. This is beyond you since you live in a shithole full of mediocrity and you are okay with it.

so the verdict is already out that she actually did it?..still…inferiority detected…

Antone with half a brain knows what the bitch did. Given an opportunity, instant justice would have been meted buy we are civilised so let her go through the rigours of the system.