Murdered Muhindi's wife in custody over his murder

Commiting murder on the day of love? Unbelievable. Hangegonja ipite? Hii Kenya is another betrayal in the city.

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Wah. Even the Haitian Presidents wife has been marked for indictment for planning his assasination.

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako

Never, Never, Never trust your partner… Hata kama mmezaa watoto… The only time you can trust your wife (or a wife trusting her husband) is when they have lived together to their retirement age… Na huko 60+yrs…when both of you hamna energy ya vituko mob.

A baby mama once alinipeyukia kwa phone after nimemkazia doh after i had just done shopping for my kid and gave her doh ya food and now she wanted more, and i refused… akapeyuka ati anaweza ni murder ama atumane… :joy::joy::joy: Weee, next day i made sure she was at the cops, mashtaka ya kuprana threats. I didn’t take it lightly. She was shocked. And still up to today, 10yrs+ on, i never entertain her, i just raise my kid, and she doesn’t know where i stay, what i do and i am very cautious of her.


Hautaskia hii ng’ombe ikiita wiminz wabaya. Hapo anakuja na sayings kama kikulacho :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

Ingekua mwanaume, angekuwa anasema vile anaenda kujifungia yeye na mtoto wake kwa nyumba for the remainder of her life na asiangalie nje lest she sees a man!

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Ngombe ni mamako. I have posted the story what more do you want? This man did something to provoke this woman, maybe he was cheating even, why would a woman want to kill a man ame zalia unless kuna kitu mbaya alifanya.

Mimi I fear chimpanzees coz wako na kasoro mentally and this is why sijawazalia Bcz I don’t want to give a chimpanzee acess to me permanently via my kid ashinde akinisumbua for the rest of my life, I rather stay without kids than being unable to get rid of a chimpanzee juu nilifanya mistake nikakizalia. I don’t stay friends with exes juu wote ni mimi niliwawacha and I know wako na machungu about it wengine wali fikiria nitawazalia siku wazalia so I know if I give them space watafanyia kitu mbaya out of bitterness, men never accept the role they play in ruining a relationship they just blame the woman, Swali ni if I was the problem why didn’t any of them leave me, it was always me who left them and they still wanted to come back? Junguuuu at least ako kwao so you might never have to deal with him. Pls stop insulting me you know what I am saying is true. Huyu mwanaume kuna chenye alifanya and I am not supporting murder. There’s no justification to murder a human being. Be like me and leave and it’s always easier to leave when you don’t have kids with someone . Don’t kill. You will suffer in jail and your kids will have no parents, they will suffer. Ara mwanaume akikuseaje ladies don’t kill. Don’t let anger drive you to kill. You can always walk away.

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So women can not kill for greed or selfishness?

Ndiasa ya Truman Kapondi @TrumanCapote sio kuba kushinda ya @KuwaitBabe

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There you go. The circuit is now complete.

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