Murathe cleared kwa KEMSA scandal - he never received even a single cent



Babu Owino says murathe is safi kama pamba.


He has made money through using his connections to the state to get people tenders who in turn give him a cut. That this time the game was found out before they could cash in doesn’t make him any less a thug. if you catch a thug having broken into your house but hasn,t as yet transported his loot out, does that make the thug innocent?


In the US and elsewhere they call them lobbyists or brokers and there is nothing wrong with someone helping a company get business.

Thats a lie. Lobbyists influence law makers to pass laws that favour their clients. Influencing tendering is illegal in the USA and anywhere else in law .

murathe is innocent and we wont allow witch hunts to deflect the fact that Wiliam Ruto is the force behind kemsa theft

In the us bra bra bra, tuogope sasa juu emetaja us ghasia wewe.

All companies have “consultants” that help them “navigate” to get contracts.

Your boss’s boss broke the law, influencing tendering is illegal. Period.

Ni mwizi tu

@johnpombe you are shallow. masomo yako sidhani ni ya kiwango cha juu. common sense hauna. usikuwe unapost ufala za kusifu ruling elite kama haulipwi. io kazi wachia spear. kulamba kundu ya murathe ni ushoga

Murathe stated clearly that the signatories of Kilig are the associates of the DP and tabled evidence. Murathe is as clean as a whistle.

Then kama unabelieve mtu mjinga kama murathe, na mtu smart kama Arror si atakutumia miaka ingine mia moja bila kuelewa nini inaendelea? utajinasua aje kwa mtego ya Arror, kama mjinga low class kama murathe anakudanganya?

exactly @Brayo44ki . Influencing tendering is illegal period. Calling them ‘consultants’ does not change this fact.

If he is guilty and has walked away, that means someone somewhere has leverage on him.

If he doesn’t do the bidding of that someone, kesi inafufuliwa and spends a weekend in the cells.

Let us wait and see.