murathe, atwoli, jirongo: Tunaenda Tu Mos Mos, Hakuna Haraka



[SIZE=5]Wewe kypii tutakosana. Do I look like a filthy njaruo to you? Do I look like Obama or Otiende Omollo?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Njaruo ruo @cheekbusta has a foreskin and he chews mbuta bones like ice cream. He is missing 6 lower teeth and has a masters in biostatistics. He owns an old mercedes benz and likes listening to ohangla while sipping on single malt scotch. Occasionally he goes on a date with @Tom Bayeye Otieno. They eat a fine meal and leave the restaurant holding pinkies. They retire to a hotel room where @Tom Bayeye Otieno switches on his finest Rhumba love potions volume number 17, Luo Jazz ensemble orchestra.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The two njaruos start dancing then head off into the bedroom. Loud wails and sounds of mercy can be heard as the bed starts jumping up and down like a low rider. The two Njaruos finally stop their sexual imbroglio and retire into each others arms.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The next day they leave the hotel crestfallen and deeply ashamed. At night @cheekbusta writes Otieno a whatsapp message :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“Mpensi Jebedeyo, ni muda mwingi tangu nilipokuona. Roho yangu kwisa umiya sana kwa sababu ya mapensi yako. Mpensi Jebedeyo ni siku gani sisi kwisa onana tena ndio tufanye ile tendo ya watu wawili?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Jebedeyo Otieno Marach replies :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“My dearest sweetheart @cheekbusta Odongo Okwiri, my heart also aches for you dear, but we must keep our love secret from our heinous enemies. I suspect that some people on ktalk know that we are seeing each other. I suspect that the admin reads our love letters of affekson. When we are online plis don’t talk to me or look in my direkson. We must hide our tender dholuo homoseksual love! We can never be seen together!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Tom Bayeye Jebedeyo Otieno crying for @cheekbusta :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]@cheekbusta Odongo Okwiri crying for Jebedeyo :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Holding pinkies :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]How the bed jumped up and down like a low rider :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Side to side :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Love potions volume number 17 :[/SIZE]





You are geh!

hapa umenyamba point

Why do you love @cheekbusta so much? Always following him around trying to get his attention? What do you want from him?

jamaa, there is nothing like loyalty. it’s purely personal. Sai those civil servants are looking at their arses. wanajua blunder kidogo tu ivi ni kukanyagwa nje. Nobody can dare anything.

Huyu atapewa sweep by Riggs G arudi India to do another dark sacrifice

sure, ni kama izo mashetani zilimpa energy. amerudi akiwa active

Hawa mafala hawaezi elewa hio juu ya ubonobo mingi. Trying to get logical with them ni kujipotezea tu wakati

Mlisema you dont want another handshake, that mnataka a strong opposition then sasa hamtaki baba aongee? Why are you sooo confused?