Murang'a county vs Del Monte. Things are going well.

Murang’a people are on their way to get some of that land that Del Monte acts like as if it owns.
The new constitution is good because it gives Kenyans a small fighting chance. If this was 1989 president Daniel Toroitich arap Moi would have just forced the" “district commissioner” to renew the lease unconditionally.
I wish Murang’a people would ask for more than a mere 1500 acres from Del Monte

Shida ni there will be no planning. A slum will emerge from that place.

I have some faith in Murang’a county government to not allow that. The only problem I can foresee is there will be infighting as to what to do with that land. The indecisiveness might see the land staying idle for almost a decade.

They should take back everything alafu Delmonte wakodishwe ata kama ni bure. 100 yrs from now population ya central peke yake itakuwa 50 million. After you renew that lease, ukiguza 1 acre ata kama wewe ni government unajipata koti huko NewYork ati ulipe hasara ya several billions. Tumengojea lease yao iishe. Sasa wafuate sheria warudishe mali ya wenyewe.

I totally agree. Maybe they can amend the Constitution to have leases that expire after 30 years. Currently I think it’s 99 years which is too much IMHO

Nyinyi mnajua Wa iria au mnamsikiaga tu. Vile hio shamba imepangiwa mtashangaa .Mtaona Ruto akiwa shadow.

Lakini when Kericho and Nandi governors refuse to renew tea multinationals leases the mboys from DCI are sent from Nairobi to deal with them.

Land will disappear between MCAs, governor and a few connected individuals. Everybody else can lick their own socks.

Delmonte has already surrendered 635 acres to kiambu county but kwa offical records za kiambu only 400 acres ndio ziko registered… This is another get rich quick scheme for county bosses.

I support my Kalenjin brodas in their quest to get some of that land. Kwanza now with Mau Forest restoration program in full effect they can demand land and Kenyans will support them fully. They can use it to settle the people currently living in the forest
These lands belong to Kenyans and we should never forget that.

No the land isn’t reclaimed to be dish out to locals. That is opening a can of worms, everyone will be fighting for it. The county wants 40% minority shareholding in the companies on behalf of locals to renew lease. That way county appoints the chairman of the company. There are so many KTDA factories there run by locals so they are not lacking qualified people to take up that role. The multinationals can take up CEO and CFO. With this arrangement the real books can be known, not this lies that they make losses for decades with their 10000 acres tea farm and 2000 acres flower farms. This multinationals have avoided paying tax and renewal of leases using huge bribes to heads of state and officials. They built for nyayo his tea factory and farm in Mau when he refused to renew the leases in 1995. Its reported he got a payout of £5 million in 1995 as well. Henry Kosgey was the patron of George Williamson tea estate for decades giving them political protection in Nandi. Gov Sang is not dancing to those tunes and told them to give county shares or no lease. He is taking on kosgey starting with the grabbed county land he has grown tea that he uprooted. The current standoff is also due to NLC ruling that since the leases have expired and this time government hasn’t renewed it then counties can review cess charges levied at the tea multinationals. They were paying peanuts, Kshs 100 an acre. That has now been increased to Kshs 3000 an acre. It has now gone to the high court. So I support Kiambu and Muranga fully in getting back its fair share of it’s land.

hizi nusu mikate zako ni mavi tupu kama wewe. waafrika wapewe haki yao.

:D:D:D:D:D:Dknowing my African brothers hio shamba ilishagawanywa kitambo n very few common people will benefit

Neo-colonialism should be resisted.

Huyu ambassador anatuona sisi ni ngamia sana sindio? Del Monte did not do any of those things out of benevolence. I am sure if Americans were to learn the truth about the skewed lease agreement Del Monte has with Kenya they would start picketing at the company headquarters.

If americans knew the truth:D, you can’t be that naive. You bought into the idea that usa is the moral world authority:D. Go to south america and see how their agriculture multinationals control the host nations with the help of washington and exploit the land, people and pay little tax. Corporate america is very evil, they hide their scandals under a cloud of PR and brainwashing gimmicks. Same as their government. They know, they don’t care, its now owned by american multinational and so they only care to protect their $$$. If this was a Chinese company the statement would be in reverse.

They do not care, they have done worse through United fruit company. Our leaders are the greatest betrayers. Bora amekula kitu kidogo na watoto wasome majuu ako sawa, fvck the peasant and his progeny.

Let’s be honest a little bit. Some of the changes that have happened in our African countries are as a result of pressure in Western capitals by wazungus who are motivated by justice.
There is a chance that some of them would not be too happy with Del Monte over this issue. Nike has caught some trouble over child labour in Asia.

I can’t cure you ignorance on international matters. Name one country that can say changed for the better thanks to usa. Wherever they go its for their own interest first then your interest last.

One day, a radical will rise up and ride on the land issue. That is the day we will wish we had solved the issue yesterday.