Munyua maé

The backdrop is set after the kiumerí period is over. As a new member of the young adult age-set in my culture, I had acquired some new social status alongside my fellow age mates who had undergone the ritual. Time was running out as the school holidays were coming to an end and we only had one thing in mind.To test our manhood and seek the fabled honeypot . My mútiri - patron if you will had taken ill during the last few days of my healing period and the younger brother had taken up to looking after us. I had formed a close bond with him and he had promised me he would get me the hookup. True to his word, I was introduced to a chick who was nicknamed munyua maé . Apparently her carnal appetite had yet to be sated by anyone across the ridge. There were three of us and each took his turn and true to her moniker, she was asking for seconds. Having attained my threshold then, I went on to brag to my fellow initiates of my sexual escapades who demanded a piece of the action. Among the initiates was a lad ,well let’s call him kimúndu . Kimúndu had grown faster than the rest of us hence the moniker. Plans were made for a visit to munyua maé and off we went, so the long and short of it, it got to kimúndu’s turn and as he rode into his climax, he started screaming Ngai ! Ngai ! Nia niná hinya - God ! God ! She’s taken my strength. And there my friends the legend of munyua maé lived on.


I am seeing you for the first time here. You’ve been one of us till uwe V.E??..

I’ve been here for a minute! Not too active though.

Anyway. Watoto wameanza kufunga shule. Tao inakaa ni kama kuna funkie from time to time. Mafisi wachunge jail baits…

True that ! Kuala na macho.

Kwani kimundu hakuwai gurumisha nduthi before then? Hekaya iongezwe bundles…!

Wapi ! But we all start from somewhere.

May be

Munyua mae could not March kanyotorani pale muchatha !

Hehe I guess each itûura had their own with a moniker to boot!

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its called kwihura mbiro…i think