Nakubaliana nawe mtumishi

Kama @Pastor @Nganga_Joseph

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TV Crimes

I don’t know how one pastor can point a finger at another and accuse them of being a swindler. All pastors are swindlers and con artists!


That’s like saying all cops are crooks. Are they really.

It’s not the same thing. What do you get in return for giving your money to the pastor?

Funeral services and weddings are done by pastors. You wouldn’t expect them to be seated doing nothing the rest of the time. Majority of us are born into church. Church has expenses.

You don’t do it hoping to get on the shortlist for eternal life?


Not ALL, The swindler outnumber and totally overshadow the REAL preachers.

If by real preachers you mean motivational speakers who teach people how to improve their daily lives, sawa. As in wake up early, wank less, eat a balanced diet, look people in the eye, have a firm handshake, etc that’s ok. But if they’re talking about how to get into heaven, it’s a long con. You should know by now that there’s no heaven.