Mungu Wangu.................Wacha Tu Niitwe Coward


Real-life gun camera action in Vumbistan. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:guka niyarega guthakaa

Madonkeys tu ndizo zinabaki…

This has been online for quite some time

Hii ghasia haijanyuria, meffi ya dinousar

So what Virus? Wacha umama na ujuaji wa pesa nane. I have seen it today…serre!


[SIZE=5]hapo 5:20 punda ime hara yake yote ![/SIZE]

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this findeo is older than you guka unazeeka nini??

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Wololo…with FLIR unapatikana tu

How do they tell the insurgents from the women and children? And this looks like a tent village. The men are armed, which is normal for most pastoralists (maasais and their spears).

And when the Americans say that they are placing an IED, how can they be doing that NEXT to their tent?

I smell a rat. This was prolly a cold-blooded massacre of innocent Afghanis…

Ng’ombe wekeni summary

Why can’t Vumbistan Gvt use this infrared Apaches pale Boni forest Lamu watimue hawa Alshabebs…