Mungikiress To Be Jailed

She is kinda hot wangemtuma kwangu. It’s gonna be a waste of pudesh. I love crazy females.

Obado… ama tungoje tu after another 20 to 55 years.

Liwe funzo kwa wengine wanaofikira kama zake huyu

This is one of the coldest murders ever, I hope she gets a life sentence.

Si angleisha tu huyo jamaa steel wire or a drop of nail polish daily in his tea…

Good riddance to bad rubbish

This is justice. Good to hear

Anafaa apatiwe wanakijiji wamtombe adi akufe

shiney eye ni shida tupu

Ati hot?


I beg thy pardon? you love crazy women or murderous women? Look at that evil look in her eye. Reminds me of Wairimu Cohen.

They got the best shipoto you can ever dip into.

All kikuyu women are evil.

That is okay. No ‘problemaa’. Don’t date them.

Shut your dirty mouth


Don’t dip your dick in crazy, you fool.

Third World War is gender based. There are casualties on both sides.

This particular story will not get much publicity because of the gender of the victim.