Mungiki Ndura Waruinge

There is a video of him being interviewed by some young guys whicj was uploaded yesterday on YouTube.
No wonder this guy had such influence in Mungiki circles coz he is a master orator and manipulator.
The interviiewers are mesmerized and amazed by his “knowledge of facts” which is mostly bordering lies, half truths, facts and hot air.

However all this is excellently narrated and well scripted and executed.
You can tell the interviewers will soon join his cult.
For the non Greeks:
He begins by sensationally calling a lady called Lucy who wants to join freemasons and is ready to sacrifice her family especially her dad so as to become wealthy.
Then he goes on to connect the Freemasons with the former regimes and narrates how the Mungiki invaded the HQ along nyerere road and what they encountered. The petrol couldn’t ignite and they found moving skeletons.
Then he goes on to connect the Freemasons with the current world order.
This guy is good.

Ati? Freemason, sacrifice… And he’s still talking?

Once a guy like that has a bonobo audience he’s crowned a king.

Umebakisha kidogo tu ndio useme Trump and his followers.:eek::D:D:D:D:D

Na hujawahi jiuliza what of Biden and his followers?

Ni sawa umeita Ndura Waruinge cult leader but hata wewe kuna wale unafuata na umeamini kupindukia.

Those who masquerade as the owners of facts are usually the ones in cults.

These are young Antifa. Antifa are Democrat youth militia. They believe they are fighting for good :





once upon a time circa 1999-2004 Ndura Waruinge, Dickson “Dimken” Githaiga, George Thuo and Kabogo were (all concurrently) my neighbours in a leafy suburb of Thika Town.

What did you see?

[li]many of Nduras foot sojas dying after Michuki purge of 2008/9. Many of said sojas were younger brothers of my friends or their ocha cousins - strangely ALL mungich were abducted and transported to Naivasha for execution.[/li][li]Ndura’s immediate neighbour was a corinthian - with a very hot daughter even in her pleated skirts…lakini alipigwa mimba na personal rastaman body guard wa Ndura. Sikumbuki jina lake but her bro Jeremy was my classmate upto class 6.[/li][li]Kabogo slapping Dimken after Thuo and Dimken teamed up to rig 2007 PNU nominations[/li][li]Kabogo gave me a lift in his hummer[/li][li]Also aside from politics, on the surface they all appeared normal every day shiny eyes.[/li][li]How dimken rose from nothing - trekking to Maragua to borrow money for lunch at KALRO High Level, upto now being the man behind buiding the official DP’s residence in Karen.[/li][li]Before 2007 elections dimken would tell our fathers to acquire land along thika road as a new storey road would replace thika road - luckily all of our fathers invested…my parents got compensation around Juja :D:D. Dimken was D.P chairman for Kiambu branch and had Kibaki’s ear.[/li][/ol]

I know you. Nitumie kakitu ama nikuanike hapa

Dick also ni bro ya Lucy kibaki

Kuna jamaa alijaribu kuexpose washwash @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii , huyo jamaa alipotea hivo tu kwa ktalk . Nikama ako 6ft deep

After meeting and being close to all these mirrioneas all you got was a lift from Kabogo???

Nothing else?

There were two occasions when Raila was REALLY rattled vying for the Kibera seat. When Stanley Livondo and then Ndura Waruinge threw in their hats for the seat. That was Obako’s time. Kumbe this Ndura Waruinge had powerful connections

anika number hapa nitume kitu.

lakini dimken aliokota wapi huyo bibi yake. Maajabu hajawahi pewa steel waya kwa chakula.


Mambo ni Mawili, jogoo sana sana ama bendor. Section 9 mmoja wa hao alihama kitambo.

All three

I will not dox myself wacha ibakie hapo tu. Ama namna gani my fren?:D:D:D:D:D:D. Kumbe wewe na shifo nawajua.

Hehe, moving skeletons. Hot air.