Mungichs my brothers....

Lakini mungich niwaulize tu, Moi Aliiba 24good years pamoja na meno refu wenzake and you’ll never see a kalenjin question Mois wealth or demonise his family fortune. No kalenjin has ever dared to invade Mois farms. Even Ruto does not touch onto the billions Moi and kina biwott stole.
But nyinyi mungiki mmepumbazwa kila siku you are ready to hang your own on the cross for the sins of his father while turning a blind eye to sugoi exploits . You are happy cheering on the thief from sugoi when he promises to prosecute Uhuru and his family. Sijui mlipewa nini but I’m starting to believe you’re not as smart as you like to believe. You have Zero loyalty. Even England wako na queen with vast questionable wealth but the English will never turn against their own.
I pray one day mtaamka and smell the coffee because if ruto unfortunately becomes president, you will be the first ones on the chopping board. Used and misused like hanann tissue paper. Mark this thread
In the meantime

Unajua Moi aliiba na akasaidia majamaa wa kwao.
Aliingisha hao hadi wale hawakuwa wameingia shule in parastal jobs or anywhere he saw fit.
Kama ni mashamba jamaa aliwapea mengi.
Lastly Kale are very tribal,they can fight amongst themselves but when faced by an outsider they always troop back to defend on of their own.
So in a way Moi enriched most of them.

It is the opposite on Kyuks side,kama nikukula Konyagi anakula na his family and close ties.
Ni odinaree mgani kutoka central ushawai sikia amepewa job na Konyagi.
Kunyakua mashamba ndio zake na ananyakuwa za watu wa Central,umesikia mamake amechukua mashamba ya watu pale Mutomo by force na hataki kulipa
Kama nikulimwa wacha alimwe wenye anakulaga nao watamuokoa.
It is hard to defend the man

Exactly, Konyangi sees the average kikiyu or GEMA as a threat. He and his family take strong but inward looking approach to everything

Very true. Shiny eyes tunapenda mwisi anaiba na anakula na wengine. Akikula peke yake tunamupeana.

Every community on planet behave similarly. Ndo unaskia mtu wetu syndrome.

Don’t be too verbose about it you hate Uhunye merely because he made peace with Luos.

Mwizi sugu Kenyatta 1 alikuwa anaeza chuki kubwa against kyuks wa nyeri na Muranga,wafirwe kabisa.

Venye mimi naona, hawa Okuyus wenye wanasupport Ruto ni wale who came from extreme poverty and were brought up severely brainwashed believing Luos are demon so anything to prevent him from getting to power. So if anybody goes to bed with Luos, even if its Jesus, he should be abandoned pronto and opposition is embraced. Wale wenye wako enlightened and werent brainwashed kina @Azor Ahai and @Sambamba who are still somehow retards ndo wanaona the mess that is Ouru. Kwa ivyo ukiona an Okuyu kijijini akisupport Ruto jua tu si makosa yao ni poor upbringing and brainwashing against Luos

Lakini Konyagi vile amefanyia wasapere sidhani kuna mwenye anaweza kufa na yeye including some of those he eats with

He made peace with Luos coz he burnt the bridges with his people,man has to look elsewhere for allies

Stop it.

Erooo kamano

Isn’t that what OP is on about. The fact that mungiki do not tambua mtu wetu?

Amefanya nini exactly

Haya bas. Shauri yenyu crucify your own kabisaa

Kenyatta stole his community’s ancestral land. Hakutosheka. Akaenda kupokonya numerous other communities their respective communal and ancestral lands. He then did an unthinkable evil. Some of the lands he stole he redistributed the same to his hapless fellow tribesmen! And the land he gave to them is the worst that was available ama the land that belonged to the most unfriendly and warlike communities such as the Maasai and the Kalenjin. Did Moi fuck his community like that?

Do not use the Kikuyu name in vain

Hasn’t Uhuru appointed Kikuyu ministers and civil servants? Lol
Kina munya, mutahi kagwe ni nani? Are those his relatives? Juzi tu he appointed a kikuyu army boss huyo ni brother yake?
Wacha propaganda wewe, the way Kenya is governed now is different from the way it was during Moi’s time. And if anything Kenyatta should be commended as he set a good example of bringing the impunity of tribalism where members of one community would occupy whole parastatals from the janitor up to the CEO.
Is that the Kenya you want? Where 90%of armed forces are from one tribe? Well msipochunga hio ndio kitu mnaenda kupata in full overdose in the name of Moi. 2.0 aka William Ruto
Dont say you were not warned

I totally agree with you! The biggest land grabber in central Kenya is the Catholic Church and you’ll never hear kyuks demanding their land back from the anti-Christ.Kenyatta 1 greatly helped Gema but for some reason my people can’t see that.

Which lands are we talking about because as far as I know Kikuyus own most of the prime lands in Kenya. Sio lazima kila mtu akue Tajiri. Kuna workers and slaves its just the way of life