Mungai Eve

It was bound to happen. She has outgrown YouTube content creation which is too much hustle. Looks like she is now concentrating on brand influence and brands are giving her deals… From Odibets, Farasi, Showmax, Spas name them…

Hope that boy invested from the money they made on youtube when their channel was top. Nway, she wins in all this… The boy should count his loss and move on. Okuyu women ni watu wakuotea mbali


Mijigaaaa utashindania mifupa kila wakati na ulevi chakari


Nobody cares.

Some of us have better things to do, besides listening to celebrity gossip.

Wewe pia you need to grow up. Get out of your mother’s house and stop spending your time in sabina joy. Get a job. Stop masturbating.


Hehe dude, Mimi I am still enjoying gossip as I work from the comfort of my crib. Ruto anawaambia pesa iko kwa net hamsikii. We endelea kurant, 5PM iko karibu ulog off kwa net ya ofisi… Naelewa frustrations za kuajiriwa… You are allowed to vent


Hama kwa nyuba ya mum ukuwe mwanaume sio kipiii

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Waria mwenye faras anakulanga yeye dryfry


He just needs to get a new personality to replace her. She should also add new platforms.

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It’s not as easy as 123…. She seemed to be the energy derivative. This could end up looking like Tom Brady and Belichick , if you get my draft( pun intended )

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Ua MTU hapana hurumia huyo tomboy.

Mali safi iende chain chain. Ubaya aliachia shule second year. Degree muhimu

She has achieved more than all her former classmates combined…huwezi linganisha social media digital influence na degree

Niliambia villagers huku this kypii is holed up somewhere kwa bedsitter akilipwa peanuts kupost 50 threads a day. He then blows the peanuts at Sabina Joy as he ruminates on his next 50 useless threads. Hapa alidanganya ako na duka tao kumbe amesema tena he is working from the comfort of his “crib” na pesa iko kwa mtandao. If you write frequently enough you automatically snitch on yourself at some point. Its inevitable.


malisaa muuza mkia SJ @mamamashavu

but kusema ukweli mama huuza nyap SJ?

Dude, I deal with safety equipments besides online hustles. You can visit my shop at Kampala Business Centre… I don’t have to be there, I have two people at the shop. Ask for any safety equipment and I am the best plug. Shughuli si moja tu… I am not here to prove anything to you. Kenya Talk cannot afford me. I am here to have fun. Lol, by 2013 as you were asking your mother for bus fare, I was already making a fortune doing blogging…


And you are here, on this site at afadhali uwe business section of ktalk before saying that? wacha ujinga.we are all wankers.

Good work Kijiji DCI

Wachaneni na @mzeemashavu …this is a free space. Most of his content is good. Some elders here can’t generate an active thread…kazi ni ku hate na kuharia threads

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Enyewe may the inventors of makeup and filters be damned. Unapeleka hii kitu kejani ukifikiria umeangukia, asubuhi unakuta ni mifupa na hata 0.5/10 ni msaada, unalilia ancestors.