Mungai Eve Junguuuu time

I always said that Eve is a junguu type of gurl, never understood those chimpanzees here with scarcity mentality talking about she couldn’t find a better man than that chimpanzee Trevor. The reality those of us who see clearly saw was that Trevor was beneath her and he was stifling her. Ladies don’t mix business with pleasure bcz you are afraid of going it alone. Fear is real but then so are you. Look at how Eve has leveled up since she left that monkey Trevor. Look at the content she has vs what Trevor has even after getting a presenter called Eve. Baby gurl, it’s junguu time, ferk these insecure chimpanzees who limit you. I’m rooting for you.

Nimetafuta porno ya eve nimekosa. Niko na hope atatoa

Scenes pale bnb


The camera she is using is dope, plus the editing is on another level. Hayo tu kwa sasa

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Old hag oh Hog, Let me tell you something about this Jungus you praise here.1. Lazima mkia iingiwe bila hutumia na kikohozi.
2. Jungus don’t entertain nagging and nonsense, once showed the signs they run in the dipper Vietnam rain forest leaving all behind. They don’t care.

After mnaija atoroke na kichwa tuliachia Bnb professionals.

Kapotty wacha ummeffi meffi ya mbwa


umafwi thread

@Bandit amesema huyo mtoto asiwahi guzwa ni broke nikkas.

Only rich guys deserve her.